Podcast #366 Friday Night Hobgoblin Fights

Podcast366picIn this month’s Friday Night Fight we take you back to a great Hobgoblin fight from 1986. Hobgoblin gives just as good as he gets in this fight with Spider-Man. Who comes out on top and who gets framed? 
Take a listen to the fun play-by-play with Brad and George. 


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(10) Comments

  1. ryan3178

    Can't go wrong with a DP to get you going George. We have a woman near by who is 104 and drinks 3 Dr. Pepper's a day and still lives on her own and even got a special year's supply from the CEO just this past week. Woman is extreme spunky and full of heart.

  2. hornacek

    "I routinely drink either water, Coke Zero or Crystal Light" Even after all these years of podcasting with Brad, you're still not drinking Mountain Dew.

  3. George Berryman

    @Schmed - Nope, not drunk. In fact, on the day we recorded this all I had to drink the entire day/night was a gallon and a half of water. I was, however, very tired, and that's understating it. Our current podcasting schedule has us recording at 9pm or later to accommodate everyone. I am typically up around 6/7 am each day, so by the time we record some of these I've already been up 14 hours or so. In fact on one of our episodes this year (I want to say it was a satellite show) I even mention how I'll be asleep within 5 minutes after we've stopped recording. On the day we recorded this I'd been helping my folks out at their house, changing kitchen flood lighting and doing other maintenance and errands for them. So I was pretty worn out. We typically record twice a month. One night will have the regular gang (and we'll record from 9/10 pm CST to 2:30/3 am, sometimes a little longer) and then on another night we'll have the satellite crew and also record the Friday Night Fight episodes (again, usually same hours). Or in other words, we start late and we end way later. It's an extremely rare thing for me to drink booze while we're recording. When I do, I've always mentioned it on the episode. But when I say "rare" I mean maybe two or three times that I can recall. Each time it involved, max, two Red Stripes over three to four hours. So no, not drunk. Just usually exhausted. I can, however, understand why people might think I was. There are some episodes where I sound like it. But it's from being tried, not booze. I have taken steps to try to correct it; if you notice on the recent reviews episode you can hear me, despite my best efforts at muting, munching popcorn for a little energy boost. EDIT: When we started doing the Friday Night Fight stuff (I think at the end of 2013) I did start having a problem with my voice cracking because I was doing so much more talking. Since then I routinely drink either water, Coke Zero or Crystal Light while we record so I can keep my throat hydrated. You can clearly hear this on the show at times.

  4. ryan3178

    I remember reading these stories just before I got out of comics in 1987. My thoughts too were: "It can't be Flash, he's bad but not that bad."

  5. hornacek

    Same thing as in your episode #365 post - in the episode description above you have a link to episode #364 and say it's ASM 13, 14, 15 Reviews. It's actually 14, 15, 16 reviews.

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