Secret Wars Brings Back “Spider-Island” and Spider-Girl

SpiderIslandSecretWarsCoverIn an exclusive with Comic Vine, Marvel Comics announced another Spider-Man related title for Secret Wars called Spider-Island.  The main story, written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Paco Diaz, takes place in a New York City in which the Spider-Queen (the villain from the original event) won, Peter Parker is captured, and Flash Thompson, as Agent Venom, leads an underground resistance force.   The series also contains a back-up continuing where we left off Mayday Parker since “Spider-Verse,” which will chronicle her adventures as the new Spider-Woman of the MC2, and will be written and illustrated by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.  The official solicit from Marvel reads as follows:





  • The Spider-Queen has turned Manhattan into an island of Spider-Madness and Peter Parker has lost, thanks to Spider-Scribe CHRISTOS GAGE (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN) & rising star artist PACO DIAZ (WOLVERINE, SCARLET SPIDERS).
  • With Spider-Man defeated and captive, does Flash Thompson, A.K.A. VENOM stand a chance?
  • All this, plus visit the MC2 patch of BATTLEWORLD! Mayday Parker and her Spider-Family are back courtesy of classic Spider-Girl team TOM DEFALCO, RON FRENZ & SAL BUSCEMA!

40 PGS./Rated T …$4.99

Gage, DeFalco and Frenz also went into greater detail about what readers could expect from the series.

First, Gage explained the story, in which he revealed that it wouldn’t just be spider-versions of Marvel superheroes and characters making a return:

CHRISTOS GAGE: It takes place in a Manhattan where the Spider-Queen (villain of the original Spider-Island story) triumphed. She rules an island of people her Spider-Virus turned into huge mutant man-spiders, with her Spider-King (a transformed Captain America) by her side. Pretty much every human being in her kingdom is a spider-monster, loyal to her…except a stubborn resistance force of uninfected, led by Flash Thompson, a.k.a. Agent Venom. Flash is tormented by his failure in the final, decisive battle of New York’s champions against the Queen, in which he was unable to save his hero, Spider-Man, who was lost in the fight and is presumed dead. Though the Venom symbiote is vulnerable to the Queen’s sonic powers, Flash is determined to redeem himself, or die trying. And he has a plan…a way to turn old allies from pawns of the Queen into free-thinking beings. But in this world, there’s no cure for the Spider-Virus. It’s too late. The only option is to transform the subjects into something else…and that’s how Capwolf, Lizard Hulk and other bizarre twists on familiar characters come into the story!

That’s right folks…Capwolf is making his triumphant return! And for those of you who don’t know who he is, or missed out on the comics from the “X-Treme” 1990s, “Capwolf” was Captain America transformed into werewolf. Yeah…um…”because you demanded it,” right?

As for DeFalco and Frenz Spider-Girl story, Mayday, according to DeFalco, “will be dealing with the loss of her father and her decision to change her name to Spider-Woman–a decision that may not exactly go as planned.”  Their story will also have the return of the characters from A-Next, including the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, Hope Pym (who, of course, will be played by Evangeline Lilly in the upcoming, Ant-Man film).

Spider-Island is scheduled for a July 2015 release and will ship twice-a-month.

Sources: Comic Vine, Comic Book Resources and Newsarama

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  1. Spec Spider Fan

    # 17 - Sadly, no:( # 18 - Deeply agree. MCU 2 May stories were a throwback to good story telling, excellent characters and natural evolutions of the older guard. Killing off Pete and bringing in faux Unkie/Grampy Ben is tragic. I wanted May back but apparently they are giving us the May they think we need, not the one we deserve, quoting Nolan's DK:(

  2. Enigma_2099

    @#24 We're dealing with characters like Silk... and you find MC2 Peter Parker annoying? We'd have been better off if Slott killed off his own d*** characters.

  3. Diannah

    Marcus, Yes, and I think it leaves Tom and Ron with a young heroine who has been through a lot, but is also one of the greatest characters in the Marvel stable (where she has been for far too long). To be honest, the older Peter Parker in MC2 was somewhat annoying, albeit well-intentioned. I am looking forward to seeing how Mayday deals with the loss of her father, even as she returns to a world which is about to face a major change. I am very excited and looking forward to seeing how Tom writes this one. I wish it was a full-length comic, but I'll take what I can get.

  4. ryan3178

    Yes, and trust me, I feel really sorry for Tom and Ron. They are trying to make lemonade out of crap but I trust them. They earned my respect a long time ago.

  5. Marcus

    Has anyone here actually read Spider-verse and what it has done to Mayday and her family and also how Tom and Ron try to work it out ? :(

  6. ryan3178

    With this and All-New, All-Different Avengers and Spider-Gwen. I think I'm set for my Spider Fix from Marvel. Now, if things change for Amazing after Secret Wars with a new writer, then I might go back to that too. What really makes me happy is not just Mayday being back in a series again but the entire MC2 Universe. It was so rich and fresh and was full of great writing and natural legacy with a classic Silver Age feel to the books. We get not only Mayday but Darkdevil, Hero Green Goblin, A-Next, Thunderstrike, J2 and of course American Dream.

  7. Diannah

    This is one of the new comics I'll be following closely, because I love both storylines. First, I would love to see MJ with spider powers. If ever a character deserved them for what she's been through over the years, it is her. I always felt the removal of her powers at the end of the original story was a cop-out. Second, I love Mayday Parker! They had me at "Mayday". :)

  8. RDMacQ

    I'd be very happy if this story features more of a super-powered MJ, fighting side by side with Peter.

  9. Jack

    This is happening on Battleworld? I thought the Regency Spider-Man is going to be the "real" Spider-Man. Is this a What If? Are there going to be two "real" Spider-Men?

  10. Ryan3178

    You think that the MC2 universe would get just a bit more respect since they killed off that universe's Peter but... Nah. Though I do like how Tom DeFlaco is happy with Hope Pym being used in the MCU.

  11. Fisk

    Uh, that MJ on the cover. One of the most revolting Ramos drawings that I have seen for a long while now... That disproportionately huge boobs, that stupid look on her face, the stockings and the pose itself... I think this is like MJ going for auditioning for a porn movie. Maybe she got the idea from Karen Page. It is interesting that people were upset because of the Spider-woman cover but this is like....Godawful. Sorry for the rant. On the positive side, I am happy that Mayday is back.

  12. Frontier

    MC2 is just getting a backup? Seriously? I'd pay for that in a heartbeat over a Spider-Island book, even if I have confidence in Gage and the description at least is mildly interesting. Considering all the other books out, why is it MC2 of all universes that gets the shortchange?

  13. hornacek

    I know Josh isn't on the podcast anymore but I hope whenever this book is mentioned on the podcast they call it "Hashtag Spider-Island".

  14. Al

    @#5-Like through the entire story she's trying out the new name and costume then at the end she's like "This was a stupid idea" and goes back to normal. And also somehow this resurrects her Dad. Yeah I am annoyed MC2 is just a glorified flip book in a one shot behind Spider Island. I dunno if I want to see super powered MJ and from the solicit it doesn't even sound like she will be in it much.

  15. hornacek

    "... and her decision to change her name to Spider-Woman–a decision that may not exactly go as planned." I would love if DeFalco/Frenz just outright reversed this name change.

  16. Phantom Roxas

    Seriously? They couldn't make the effort to give MC2 its own book, or even advertise it on the cover? Instead we - AGAIN - have to settle for it being the back-up to a Slott event? I'm willing to give Gage the benefit of the doubt, but… ugh, seriously, the Spider-Girl - sorry, Spider-WOMAN - story is dealing with the fallout of Peter's death? Well, there goes the idea that Spider-Verse Mayday wasn't MC2 Mayday.

  17. Ryan3178

    Made me mad that some people thought MJ was Spider-Girl. We ask for MJ back and when we do, some people can't realize the two. I hoped she have more of an actual costume but oh well. Even though Incle Hasbreen will be in the new Spider-Girl series. I do wish MC2 MJ's father would come into the picture. He decides to show up now with the death of MC2 Peter instead of before. Be some great stories there.

  18. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#1 ryan3178 -- No problem, Ryan. And yeah, looks like the spider-powered MJ is coming back, though I'd be very surprised if that's her actual "costume" since it's the same one from Amazing Spider-Man #671 which she never actually wore. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. ;)

  19. ryan3178

    You just beat me to posting this. That's ok, if May is back, then so am I. I will keep an open mind on Spider Island but we knew it was coming. However, I have more faith with Gage and Diaz on the book. Yikes though on that cover! MJ!

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