Electro and the Jack O’Lantern suit up to hunt down the Red Skull in Secret Wars


Just went you thought we couldn’t get another Secret Wars tie in, here it is. Right from Newsarama: This July, Marvel is launching a new three-issue limited series titled Red Skull with Joshua Williamson and Luca Pizzari. Featuring covers by Riley Rossmo, Red Skull follows a unique team of characters as they venture into the Secret Wars dominion known as the Deadlands to find out, once and for all, if rumors about the Red Skull’s death are true. A team composed of Magneto, Winter Soldier, Lady Deathstrike, Moonstone, Ultimate Electro and Jack O’ Lantern assemble to track down the Red Skull.

“This team is angry and has nothing left to lose,” says Williamson. “They are forced to hunt down one of the most evil figures in Marvel’s history. Any story about the Red Skull will have a disturbing feeling.“ “The Red Skull’s identity is part of the mystery of the book, so I can’t say just yet. He’s still one of the most evil bastards in the Marvel Universe. Still someone to hate. A master manipulator with a black heart,” says Williamson. “Which works for me because I love writing dark stories with characters that lean more to the sinister side. And Luca Pizzari’s skills make him awesomely suited for this gig.“

Thoughts on this, especially considering the recent news about Miles Morals and now we are getting Ultimate Electro.

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  1. ryan3178

    @6 That is a very good question but here is the thing about that. Electro as shown here in Red Skull, I can understand. There have been points where the Ultimate Version of a said character has proven so popular that they tried to make the man 616 look or feel like them ie: Wolverine, Electro, Kingpin, Captain America, Kitty Pryde. However, that hasn't always proven successful. I can deal with Ultimate Electro being the current Electro sans the costume. The motivations and origins are pretty much the same except that Hammer Industries was responsible for fully creating their powers trying to remake the Super Soldier Program. Something that has been the main focus in the Ultimate Universe since day one. The main reasons why Osborn created the OZ formula was trying to remake Captain America. That said, I never want to see the "hulk" version of the Green Goblin anywhere near what will make up the NuMU. That is one aspect that while the cartoon wanted to capitalize on it, just really doesn't work. I rather the partial trauma and insanity that is Norman Osborn that was unleashed full from the goblin formula did everything. It works in better concept. Also, originally Bendis did plan to leave Osborn dead and then decided to bring him back, it was his decision to both kill and then resurrect the Ultimate Green Goblin. He said perfectly: "I changed my mind because I came up with a lot of stories it could work off of." I could live with the Ultimate Version of Black Cat believe it or not as that Felicia's motivations and the like are much more in step with the character than the crime boss wannabe wack job we have now. I also would love the Ultimate version of the Ringer and the Fly Twins to come over and Bombshell. Just keep the Serpent Skulls far away from the NuMU.

  2. Frontier

    @#5-Now that you bring it up... if Bendis is taking over the main Spider-Man book with Miles in the lead, do you think he would replace a lot of the classic Rogues Gallery with their Ultimate counterparts?

  3. Stuart Green

    So we're getting Ultimate Electro now along with Miles in the 616 but not 616 Battleworld Marvel Universe? Even though Slott recently cured our classic 616, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Max Dillon, I've always loved seeing Electro with the classic green and yellow costume and star-shaped lightning bolt mask. The electric blue being look we've been getting for Electro over the years now still hasn't grown on me and I'm disappointed that this may end up being "our" Electro once "Secret Wars" ends. I could be wrong though. Then again, maybe this is Rheinholt Kragov as Electro. ;)

  4. hornacek

    Red Skull: "Magneto never told you what happened to your father." Electro: "He told me enough! He told me you killed him!" Red Skull: "No ... *I* am your father." This thing writes itself.

  5. Diannah

    Since Cullen Bunn's take on Magneto (and this storyline almost flows perfectly from that), I have gained a newfound respect for Magneto. I'm almost ready to buy one of those "Magneto was right" tshirts. And Red Skull has always been the perfect foil for Magneto, so this series is set up perfectly. This could be a serious page-turner.

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