Happy Daredevil Day!

SpideyDD1SSM75One of Spidey’s oldest allies has his Netflix series debut today and in addition to showcasing one of Spidey’s oldest enemies, the Kingpin, it’s also got Leland Owlsley – aka the Owl! Old Leland has squared off against both Spider-Man and Doc Ock before, including a small-scale Owl/Octopus war that went down in Spectacular Spider-Man back in the early 80’s. Most recently he showed up in the pages of the fantastic Superior Foes of Spider-Man as a villain to Spidey’s villains. He’s portrayed very differently in the Netflix series but he’s there, as is Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich – the Philgoblin’s uncle.

So remember to check out Daredevil on Netflix today, and tell Leland that Crawlspace sent ya! Heh!

Happy Friday, folks!

–George Berryman!

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  1. hornacek

    @2 - Holy crap I just watched episode #2 and they did Mike Murdock! These show-runners know their stuff. I'm reading reviews on AVClub and they point out lots of stuff that goes right by me, like when Fisk got his suit ripped in episode #4 and he said "Tell Mr. Potter I’ll need a new suit.” he was referring to the tailor Melvin Potter aka Gladiator.

  2. Ben

    Really annoyed with the Ben Ulrich twist, totally brought the season down in my eyes. But otherwise absolutely fantastic stuff.

  3. sthenurus

    Watched all 13 episodes in 2 days. That show is awesome. I'm just a little peeved they did something to a spidey related character, as it means we wont get to see him and Peter eventually interact. The costume is awesome, comic-booky but not over the top and made logical in universe. And the actors were all great! really hope we will get a season 2 after defenders.

  4. Stillanerd

    Well, having completing watching the entire series (and losing some much needed sleep in the process) and being a Daredevil fan, this show not only exceeded my expectations but, to paraphrase one critic, this series is the superheroes what The Wire was to cop shows. The acting, the writing, and especially the fight choreography are all top-notch--especially in episodes 2, 7 and 9. Charlie Cox made for a surprisingly great Matt Murdoch/Daredevil; and holy crap! was Vincent D'Onofrio outstanding as Wilson Fisk. Just don't interrupt him while he's out on a date or go anywhere near his momma (evil laugh)

  5. Crime Master

    Great show, I'm about halfway through now, and it keeps getting better! Definitely the best Daredevil show we could have hoped for. Cox as Daredevil is perfect, exactly how he should be. It really washes the bitter taste of Affleck's portrayal from my mouth. Their version of the Kingpin is awesome so far, he's humanised and even a bit likeable, but that doesn't make him any less brutal or threatening. I hope DD crosses over with Spidey at some point, their dynamic was always great, and I wouldn't mind seeing the Kingpin face him considering that he was originally one of his villains. (though I do admit he works far better as a Daredevil character) I hated the costume at first, but looking at it, I kinda like the idea of having him start out in something more tacky and basic, then eventually putting on something closer to the comics (I don't know if he does it this season yet, but that's what they seemed to be hinting at with a line in episode 2) basically like what peter did in the first Spidey movie.

  6. Spider-Matt

    Watched up to episode three and my family told me to stop, because they want to catch up. It's so good so far, I love it. Looking forward to other Netflix shows, and I'm sure they'll be close to as good as this

  7. Cheesedique

    I'm only two episodes in so far, but it's pretty damn good. Dark, humorous, and somewhat gritty. Just what a Daredevil show should be. I'm happy with the way they don't oversell the radar sense.

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