Did Spidey Already Pop-Up in Daredevil on Netflix?

Found an interesting article by Briley Kenney at Overmental.com which wonders if we had a Spidey cameo in the new Netflix Daredevil series in the form of an easter egg.

The possible cameo in questions comes in Episode 12, ‘The Ones We Leave Behind,’ and focuses on a moment in Ben Urich’s apartment. While Ben’s working at his desk, we see news clips pinned on a cork board above his desk.

One of the news clips has a photo showing a familiar pair of white eyes on what might be a reddish mask. Posting below the fold for the spoiler squeamish, though it doesn’t spoil anything in the Daredevil series at all.

So what do you think? Is Briley Kenney onto something? The second image below is enhanced in Photoshop to boost the brightness.

Yes? No? Either way it’s neat to think about. Especially since it’s in Ben Urich’s office!

–George Berryman!





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  1. Kleaners

    @21 I did give another episode or two a try. I just couldn't get into it, as much as I wanted to like it.

  2. Trevor Phip

    @20 As everyone is saying, stick with it for sure. Nothing gets resolved in a single episode; like the creators said pre-release, you gotta think of it like a 13-hour movie as opposed to single-hour episodes. If you like suspense and being kept at the edge of your seat, you will love Daredevil if you take the time to get into it. As other posters have said, the embezzlement is followed up on a lot, it's actually a pretty big plot point and investigating that leads to all kinds of further intrigue. Now I know this was like a year ago, so maybe you've already watched all of it and loved it, but if not I would strongly recommend giving it another go. 11/10, right through to s2e13, eagerly awaiting season 3.

  3. Jason

    @19 I don't need zingers, but I like a little mystery and suspense. I want something that's going to grab me and keep me wanting more. I want something that's going to entertain and/or keep me on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately episode one did very little of that for me. But hey, my tastes differ from everyone else. I haven't decided whether or not to give it a second chance, but as of right now it's not a priority.

  4. Gary

    @#1Daredevil is easily the best thing the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us. The characters are all interesting, it's not aimed at people who can't enjoy something unless it is filled with jokes and zingers (like every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie), and it doesn't rely on constant "Avengers, Avengers, Avengers, Avengers" crap like every movie since the first Avengers film. The movie was mentioned briefly at the beginning when they discussed why their building was so cheap for their law office.You should give it a chance and not just write it off because of the 1st episode. The first episode is an introduction to the characters and the world and gives you a sense of what is going on and what is to come.Maybe if Daredevil and Kingpin were quipping it up with zingers every other sentence and if Daredevil was dancing around with a talking tree you'd love it.

  5. AmFan15

    6 episodes in, and you guys were right...this show is getting really good! Just watched episodes 5 and 6 back-to-back. They were pretty much non-stop action, and I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. The stakes are really getting high between Daredevil and Fisk, and I'm digging it.

  6. spideytracer

    Daredevil show is indeed a slow simmering plot to begin with. Characters and the acting is top notch, to the point where you sort of understand Wilson Fisk and where he's coming from. In my opinion it's the best thing Marvel have done to date. ( Haven't seen Age of Ultron yet but that's on the to do list tomorrow night at a midnight screening here in the UK.) So give it a chance, guys. It's also full of easter eggs too. (Keep an eye out for Stilt Man's legs!)

  7. Ben

    14@ - I would defiantly watch the first season if you can. I think it’s been slightly overhyped (didn’t trump Cap 2 imo), and Spidey fans could come away fans feeling somewhat “cheated” with the plot, but it really is a fantastic show.

  8. Jason

    @13 I haven't decided if I'm going to dedicate more time to it yet or not. But if I do, I'll definitely report back.

  9. Ronny

    Sorry about the original post made by the original poster. It's just little to nothing to get hyped over in my opinion.As for the Daredevil Netflicks series. My suggestion is just sit back & enjoy it without expectations of it to be this or that. I honestly think it is the best Marvel has done in any tv or movie so far. I feel the characters are them. Their demeanor their look. They all have interesting parts, every character & fantastic development. I think once the whole thing is said and done anyone could look at what they are doing with it & clap. It's actually done right.As for the looking more into the embezzlement. Just wait for it. These things take time. Not usually solved in one episode in one day like in those cop shows. Especially if done well. I don't know though. Let me know what you think if/after you watch the whole thing as a whole. I promise it's worth it though & I think everything will make sense & I think & hope you'll see why they do everything the way they do. Brilliantly in my opinion. Even one aspect I had a problem of, I realize I don't at all as a whole & agree with now

  10. AmFan15

    @#5- Correction...I've only watched two episodes so far. About to start the third episode now.

  11. hairychap

    @1 give the second episode a go, the fight at the end is phenomenal! Reminiscent of The Raid and Oldboy, it'll melt your face :)

  12. Cheesedique

    Stick with the DD show--it gets really really good after about episode 5 (though I enjoyed the whole thing)..As for this, hard to tell what we're looking at..

  13. Spider-Dad

    Image is too blurry to state it is Spider-Man...As for Daredevil, I am through 3 episodes and we have enjoyed the shows so far. I agree the pace is a bit slow, but I get the sense it will slowly build up over time, which is preferable than jamming everything very quickly. I also have enjoyed that Matt's father is portrayed as the loving dad and not drunk father. Plus the actress playing Karen Page has been delightful. So far my favorite scene is when Daredevil takes on several thugs in a hallway and the camera does not cut once as one after another goon comes after him. Nice!Looking forward to continued viewing...

  14. jpd13

    I'm not seeing anything here.As for Daredevil, I watched the whole thing and it was phenomenal (as George point out, 97% on Rotten Tomatoes shows most people and critics agreed). In particular the tone and casting were spot on. I just hope we get more seasons.

  15. George Berryman - Post author

    @3, @5Bear in mind that Matt's not even really Daredevil yet at the start of the show. Nor has Wilson Fisk finished his journey in becoming the Kingpin. It's very much an origin story for both. By the end they're far more what you would expect out of both.

  16. AmFan15

    I've only watched three episodes so far, but I've been kind of...m'eh about it. Although I have always thought Daredevil could make a terrific TV show, being both a superhero show AND a courtroom drama, they seem to be having trouble balancing them both. The third episode on particular dealt almost entirely with the law aspect, and only had Matt "suit up" for one scene about 2/3 of the way in.That being said, I have liked the portrayal of the Arranger, and the Kingpin himself has only just made his first (albeit brief) appearance...so I'm hanging in to see what happens.

  17. Jason

    Apparently I'm not watching the same thing. In episode one, the scene in the confessional just dragged on too long. There was very little investigation into embezzlement scheme. Not what I would expect from a superhero investigating a crime (maybe I watch too many cop shows).

  18. Jason

    Has anyone watched "Daredevil?" I watched the first episode last night and I wasn't entirely impressed. Plot development seemed slow and I wasn't left with the feeling of, "I need to watch the next episode."

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