Supposedly Leaked Footage Of Age of Ultron Post-Credits Spidey?

Despite the fact that both director Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige have both denied that the Avengers: Age of Ultron will have a post-credits scene (a mid-credits scene has been confirmed) new footage has hit the Interwebs claiming the opposite. The teasing reveal? Spidey and a window washer, with Stark Tower in the background.

Via MTV:

Because leaks are apparently the hot new craze of 2015, the very final scene for the highly anticipated film has been uploaded online… But could it be a fake?
Although many have been quick to say the footage is a fake, it seems seriously elaborate to just be an amateur’s work.
Considering excitement over Spiderman re-joining the Marvel universe has been high, this does seem like a treat Whedon would want to give the fans. Still, we guess we’ll have to wait until April 24 to find out for real.

Posting the video below. If it gets yanked off of YouTube then that may tell you what you need to know as to whether or not it’s authentic. What say you, Crawlspacers? Real or fake?

–George Berryman!

UPDATE: Yeah I’m gonna call it on this. It’s been up long enough now that if it was the real deal Disney Marvel would’ve already had it shut down. So we’ll rule it clever and extremely well done fakery!

UPDATE #2: Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon confirms that it’s fake.

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  1. Ben

    @22 &23 - Ironically this idea was how James Cameron’s Spider-Man movie script starts ;)

  2. Ronny

    @ #22 & #23 I like this combined idea better. It shows Spider-man is keeping track & interest in all of this tying him & maybe what he's going to do about it into the story. Also it shows his moral sense by leaving money & not just taking it.

  3. Will

    @22 I would add in another web coming down with money attached to it for the vendor, just to give the scene the classic comics feel.

  4. Markus Krenn

    I always said, the perfect Post Credit Scene would be showing a random street corner in NYC. A stack of Daily Bugle Newspapers on the ground, maybe with a Headline regarding the Ultron Incident. And then from off screen a web comes shooting in and snatches one of the newspapers. 7-10 second clip, teases Spidey perfectly. You don't need an actor, you don't need a costume.

  5. JRT!

    You know those guys lie,right? lol. Just thinking about the numerous times actors or directors are plain lying so as not to spoil anything. Never works of course,lol. J-R!

  6. George Berryman - Post author

    Whedon confirmed that it's a fake today at an Avengers press conference. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  7. JRT!

    You mean Spider-Man,right? lol. Didn't listen to the podcast,what was the suggestion? If it's not too long to go into here of course. J-R!

  8. Ronny

    Hmm kind of seem like an underwhelming introduction in my opinion, I mean if it were real anyway. I think they could do better than that. Something either cooler or at least more funny to be memorable &amp; have people glad to see Spider-man in the MCU.

  9. Erik

    13: Just having fun, probably. I can imagine Peter doing that while he's zipping around and inbetween stopping crime. I definitely agree that it must be fake if it's still up, so kudos to whoever made it, it's quite well done!

  10. xonathan

    @14 It was just too random to be after an Avengers movie if Spider-man hasn't been properly introduced. If it was after the Spider-man movie then a random scene would make sense. I would prefer Ashley's suggestion as she proposed it in the podcast

  11. JRT!

    Because he's Spider-Man? lol. Made perfect sense to me as I took it for what it was,just some funny little thing in Spidey's everyday life. Or something. lol. I'm almost hoping it wasn't fake. J-R!

  12. xonathan

    It was extremely well done but it didn't make sense. Why would spidey just be there screaming at a window washer?

  13. spideymaddox

    i saw that on Facebook yesterday afternoon, so the vid has been online for at least a full day without being yanked. my first reaction was it was fake,if for no no other reason than we have heard nothing about Spider-man being cast and I doubt even Disney could keep that a secret in the Internet age.

  14. Ben

    @9 - Armpit webs would be really great! I’d also love to see the mask eyes really narrow like they were in the Ditko era.

  15. George Berryman - Post author

    Yeah I'm gonna call it on this. It's been up long enough now that if it was the real deal Disney Marvel would've already had it shut down. So we'll rule it clever and extremely well done fakery!

  16. Ben

    Honestly looks like a really great fake to me. If AoU is going to have a post-credits, I expect it to be another Thanos set up for Infinity War. @4 - "Feige has said the suit they already have designed is different from anything we’ve seen before, but yet is still classic SM.” - That worries me, I hope we don’t get a ASM 1 situation again. I hope they just tweak the ASM2 suit to make it look more ‘classic’ and less Ultimate universe looking.

  17. Jack

    What verb-tense did Feige use? Remember that "is" might not always mean "is". Whedon &amp; Feige: There --is-- no end-credit teaser in AoU. (But on next Thursday, there will be!)

  18. Erik

    Yeah, I will be very impressed with the faker if it turns out fake, this would not be a simple job to put together.

  19. JRT!

    And yet another person who can't get Spidey's name right. Is it really THAT hard?! I wouldn't care if I didn't have a hyphen in my own name,lol,but Spidey has it too and his name is not written as one word. And yes,I always let people know if they get my name wrong,lol. Guess we'll know if it's fake or not this Wednesday,when Avengers AoU opens here. Not going to see it here of course,wouldn't be caught dead in a movie theater in this country,lol. J-R!

  20. Anthony LaVerghetta

    The eyes in his suit look VERY similar to TASM2 suit. Actually, the whole suit looks very similar. Feige has said the suit they already have designed is different from anything we've seen before, but yet is still classic SM. IMO it's fake but who knows. I just don't like the voice they've chosen. Sounds like that suit may be a little too tight.

  21. CallicoJacks

    There's something with the background that looks fake to me. If it's a fake, this is still pretty cool.

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