Marvel’s Eight Amazing Moments From The Spider-Marriage

ASMAN21Marvel’s Tim Stevens has posted a list of ‘Eight Amazing Moments from the Spider-Marriage.’


For Dan Slott, that aspect of the Webslinger has remained untouchable for years. Thanks to Secret Wars, however, with artist Adam Kubert, the writer can finally chronicle the adventures of a very married Wallcrawler in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS.

To welcome back Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker—and remind fans why people loved their union—we now look back at eight Spectacular moments from their romance.

Spider-fans don’t need to be reminded of the reasons people loved them being married. We’ve remembered it ever since Marvel wrecked it.

On the list are (in order):

Web of Spider-Man #31 (Kraven’s Last Hunt)
Spectacular Spider-Man #245
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19
Amazing Spider-Man #300
Spider-Man: Blue #6
Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #220
Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21  (Wedding Issue)

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 hits your local comic shop on June 3.

–George Berryman!

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  1. Miguel99

    I do not know about you but I have strong feelings that the MJ and Peter that we will see in the Renew Your Vows are actually their 1610 counterparts. Why might you ask? Well, the last time we saw them they were going to start a life for themselves adter Peter returned from the dead. Quite literally, they road off in sunset. Also, they both look considerably young for having a babyy, close to their late 20s, so yeah I do think it isn´t the 616, but rather their 1610 counterparts

  2. RDMacQ

    @#4- I don't trust Dan Slott with this either, but that's mostly because he's a lousy writer. Really, I think regardless of whether or not the marriage comes back as a result of this storyline, I'm just concerned regarding how Slott will tell the story rather than what it does. Given his last few "non-endings" of Spider-Verse and the recent issues of Amazing, it just feels like he's running on fumes. The marriage could come back as a result of Renew Your Vows, but I don't trust Slott to not make it clumsy and ham fisted.

  3. Enigma_2099

    @#7 You're giving him WAAAAY too much credit. And as far as being a possible one-off, that's the exact reason why I never gave a damn about What If's. Because they ultimately don't matter.

  4. Vern

    I'll buy the first issue in support of the Spider-marriage. I don't trust Slott either, so if it goes south, I'll bail. If Marvel sees money in the marriage, maybe we'll see a change in direction. This is why I'm picking up Spiral and not Slott's Spider-book.

  5. xonathan

    @4 & 6 I think the problem is we don't know where RYV will take place. Will it matter, is it part of continuity? If it's a parallel universe, there could be a chance that Slott might be challenging himself to write a good story outside his comfort zone, knowing is a one-time deal. If that's the case, it might have a good ending. But we know that Marvel will not go back permanently to the marriage, so if RYV is intended to be "canon," then for certain it'll end up badly.

  6. powerpacker90

    @2 That was me. Growing in The 90's Peter/MJ was my power couple. from married in comics, Video Games, and Cartoons (yes I know water Clone, But they were also married In Unlimited so still), and even Ultimate Spider-man and The Rami Movies hinted at them being soul mates. it wasn't until The mid 2000's with Stories like Spider-man Blue, Sins Past, and House Of M. that I started to see Marvel doing a U turn of Peter And MJ.

  7. Enigma_2099

    I'm telling you, I don't trust Dan Slot with this... AT ALL. Don't trust current Marevel with it either for that matter.

  8. AmFan15

    This is a really good list, and the sheer fact that it's on Marvel's official website makes me hopeful that maybe, after all these years, they have FINALLY learned their lesson. The marriage was never a problem...bad writing was. Heck, they had been married for so long that a lot of Spidey fans probably ONLY knew them as being married. I'm actually halfway tempted to pick up RYV after reading this. On the other hand, I can't be too ecstatic about it...I've seen far too many of Marvel and Dan Slott's antics over the years to put any faith in them.

  9. Al

    The Wedding, ASM #300 and Spec #220 are on the list probably because of RYV (Marriage+Venom+babies). I would've put Spec #241, Web of Romance and a few other things on that list. But generally speaking they were decent choices and it was actually a well written article. It's nice to see Marvel being positive about the marriage even if they might be setting us up for a fall. It is refreshing following the 2008-2010 era where it was all "She was the one that got away and you should be glad because she was horrible/she was suffering terribly so be happy for her/they were toxic"

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