Renew Your Vows Preview sent me this preview. Does this make you want to pick it up?

The Parker Family Swings Into the WARZONES! Your First Look at


New York, NY—May 11th, 2015— Father. Husband. Hero. The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t safe from the Secret Wars – and neither are you! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1, from blockbuster creators Dan Slott and Adam Kubert! Trust us, you have to read this to believe it! Prepare for the next evolutionary step in Peter Parker’s life as the Parker family faces Battleworld…together. Peter, Mary Jane and their daughter may not have much, but they have each other. Even as his city is torn asunder by a mysterious new villain, the safety of Peter’s wife and daughter comes first. But who is this mysterious “Regent” who has claimed the lives of so many heroes? How long till Spider-Man and his family are in his crosshairs? This is the story you’ve been waiting for. No fan can afford to miss the seismic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 when it explodes into comic shops this June!



Written by DAN SLOTT

Art & Cover by ADAM KUBERT

Variant Covers by J. SCOTT CAMPBELL (APR150751),


Ant-Sized Variant by MIKE DEODATO (APR150754)

Blank Cover Variant Also Available (APR150757)

FOC – 05/11/15, On-Sale – 06/03/15

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  1. FMI

    What's up, this weekend is fastidious in favor of me, because this occasion i am reading this impressive informative piece of writing here at my residence.

  2. Enigma_2099

    ... I just learned that deadpool is now married. DEADPOOL. So even Deadpool can be married, but Spider-Man's not allowed?

  3. Xander VJ

    So, Slott is going to play up the "we're broke" angle? Oh, well, I guess it could be worse.

  4. Enigma_2099 Man, this is REALLY gonna suck when they pull the rug out.

  5. truthwillwin1

    I do not have any faith in this or Marvel at this moment. Wait and see is all I can say.

  6. Big John

    "Does this make you want to pick this up? Kubert-art with no Slott-dialogue? Is the pope Catholic?

  7. PeterParkerfan

    "Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1, from blockbuster creators Dan Slott and Adam Kubert!" So Marvel considers Slott a "blockbuster" creator? HAHAHAHAHA, what a joke! This so-called 'final 616 Spider-Man story' is going to be just another crappy "One Moment in Time" storyline.

  8. RDMacQ

    "Father, husband, hero." Huh. Anybody want to figure that Slott'll make the story more about Peter's fatherly love towards Annie instead of his feelings towards MJ? Like, he'll admit that he loves MJ, but it won't be as promoted as Peter's love for his "daughter?"

  9. Enigma_2099

    ... this is the "salt." Everybody got their wounds ready? Yay! Now Slott gets to f*** up a MARRIED Spider-Man! But Enigma, don't you want a married Spider-man? Not if he's being written by people who don't give a d*** about the marriage I don't. But even more important than that, I want One More Day dealt with. And properly. And if that leads to a GOOD story that ends with their separation, you know what... I can accept that. ANYTHING'S better than the s*** we got.

  10. RDMacQ

    From the looks of it, this seems to be pretty straightforward. I'd theorize that the Regent attacks in this reality, and all the other heroes are killed or imprisoned trying to stop him. Peter avoids it by sticking "close to home" so to speak and not going out to face him with all the other heroes, and as such he's alive later on in the story to fight the Regent again. But the balance of the story would be Peter figuring out whether to put his life on the line in such a way that would mean he wouldn't be able to be a husband and father to MJ and Annie, or if he would sacrifice the world for their safety. And for the folks thinking that this will be another "Screw you" to Peter and MJ's relationship, I could also see Slott doing an over the top and melodramatic "My family GIVES ME STRENGTH" style of climax, which would then alter the fabric of reality. Or just cause Peter in the "new" Universe to remember his time in the Renew Your Vows world and want to reunite with MJ in a meaningful way.

  11. Ryan3178

    Yes, you can see the time jump. One is in the past and the other is present. Like how Peter and MJ's daughter looks like a baby in one panel and then a full toddler about to go to pre-school in the other. Of course the Avengers would be in the book. Why would RYV be about just Peter Parker and and the life he didn't get with his family? That's pre 2004 talk.

  12. WolfCypher

    The last Spider-Man story... looking like another Avengers-in-Spidey book...

  13. C-Spider31

    I think the scene where Spidey breaks through the glass is a flashback to a year earlier. Look at the calenders in the first page and the page where Spidey jumps into his apartment; the first page has May 1 on a Thursday, while the page with Spidey has May 1 on a Wednesday. Plus the pictures are different; there's more in the first page than the page with Spidey. I feel like MJ and Peter are going to look back at what happened a year ago, which is what the plot of Renew Your Vows will be about.

  14. packersjames90

    @#5 I only understand those covers when they tie into Title. Like back in 08. For the first issue of the new Iron Man Volume at the time. I got a variant that was a press photo for Iron Man 1 with RDJ on it. That at least had some thing to do with Iron Man, but This had ZERO to do with Spider-man. Just saw the preview pages, and a few things notice. 1.) I want to get the Campbell cover. always loved his Spider-man work (wished that 12 part story he was rumored to be doing with Loeb would of happened) and he always drawls the women in Peter's life MJ, Gwen, Cat smoking hot! 2.) Peter and MJ disusing stuff while Peter working on something for Spider-Man. Ah welcome back my old friends. 3.) I FREAKING CALLED THE WHITE BIRDS. I called in my comic shop last week that white birds would be in RYU somewhere. to symbolize that this is a "Pure" non-Mephisto story. 4.) anyone else catch that The calendar says "May"

  15. Evan

    @#5 - I love the scene in <i>Big Trouble in Little China</i> when Jack is emptying his chemical toilet into the sewer.

  16. George Berryman

    Love the Agents of SHIELD variant <i><u>that has absolutely nothing what-so-f--king-ever</i></u> to do with the comic or the story inside. Seriously, it's like seeing 'Big Trouble in Little China' on a poster for 'National Lampoon's Vacation.'

  17. E

    I think Slott is going to use this as an opportunity to say, "Look how much worse things would have been if they had stayed married!" and then off Peter or MJ in the finale.

  18. Dapperfex

    @Jason: That's Agent Coleson. It's just a cover advertising the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D tv show, that's all.

  19. Jason

    What's the deal with the variant cover? Is the middle-aged guy supposed to be Peter Parker?

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