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A little while back, Brad was contacted by Power Up Box and I volunteered to review it for the Crawl Space. I have since received my shipment, and I am honored to review it here for your pleasure. Each Month starting at 16.95,* you can receive a box of awesome at your door. If you do not like going to mall for your favorite Superhero collectibles, you can have them delivered to your door! It’s awesome. It’s like your birthday… Each month if you so choose! Got that special person in your life and want to surprise them? Then this is the deal for YOU.
You like Nerdy or geeky gifts? OF COURSE YOU DO. Read on True Believers, and don’t forget to look at the bottom of the post for a special offer, only available for you, our readers!

SIDE NOTE: I received this box the last week of April.
*Stay tuned for a special offer!*
So, you might ask: How does it work?
From their FAQ Page:

Power Up Box is a monthly subscription service that includes geeky, gamer, and pop culture gear. The Power Up Box team goes around the country searching for the best gear there is to assure an epic box every month, every time. We want you to have a “Christmas morning, gift opening experience,” 12 times a year!

STEP ONE: Select your choice of box
Premium Box
Deluxe Box
STEP TWO: Pick your plan, you can choose from one, three, six or twelve months (the longer the plan, the more you save!)
STEP THREE: Await your box to arrive
STEP FOUR: Be surprised at the goodies!
Each month, you’ll get great goodies.
Or each month, you can gift a box for your friend if you so please!

I’ll let them explain:

We have two types of boxes with thousands and thousands of geeky, nerdy, and gamer items. Our Premium boxes come with 6-9 of the most epic items anyone could wish for. These items include but are not limited to, ALL types of Funko products from Fabrikations to keychains, superhero mugs, headphones, movies, comics, and many more truly epic items. Our Deluxe boxes come with 4-6 of the most awesome items anyone could wish for. These items include but are not limited to, Funko POP items, action mini-figures, comics, lanyards, and many more truly awesome items. Whether you get a premium or deluxe box you can always be sure to get an awesome geeky or nerdy t-shirt that’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

I got in April’s box was a shirt, a comic, some candy, a bobble head, a plush doll, a lanyard, bag, button and keychain.

I’ll rundown each thing and give you my thoughts.

First up is the shirt. It is confession time: My wife loves Batman. I know, it’s a crime. But hey, she likes Spider-Man too. The shirt is something she loved as soon as she saw it. Her and my daughter (she’s pregnant, and about to pop!)  are modeling it to in the gallery at the bottom of the post. When you order your box, you will need to provide details of your shirt size ( because there is nothing worse than getting shirt that’s too small or too big!)The shirt that I got was a Joker/Batman shirt from The Dark Knight. Because I should not be so serious. As

Keeping up with the Batman theme, This month’s book was the prequel to the latest Arkham Knight Video Game. I found it an enjoyable read. It picks up where the last game left off, and gives you a glimpse of the new villain for the game. It’s written by Batman and Robin scribe Peter Tomasi, so if you’ve enjoyed his work on that, you’ll enjoy his work here. Now the plush doll/action figure is Batman as well. I like it because it’s cute, and the costume is based on the Art Adams era Batman, with his blue and grey color scheme, with his chest having the yellow oval with the black bat. It’ll look very cute in my daughters room. There is a full line of these dolls, and you can find them here.

Behold! It is Galatus! The thing is are perfect for your desk. They are easily standable, and it is awesome to have this little guy on my desk. Perfect assessor

KEYCHAIN: Raphel of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles fame, on your keys.

I lumped these all together because they are all related. They advertise the Box. They want you to refer a friend (and there is a rewards program for that!) and these are perfect for doing so.

Okay, I know that you probably are wondering if this the Batman Space or if it is Spider-Man Crawlspace. Lo, there be a Spider-Man item! It’s ringpops! They taste wonderful! My wife liked them too! Simple three pack for your taste buds to enjoy. They are from the Amazing Spider-Man 2, and I assure you, they’re better than the actual movie. (Wah Wah)

Okay, so you like what you see, right? How do you get your box every month? Its simple: go to this link. Look at what package you want. They work to diversify the items each month, and you never know what you are going to get.


Just for you, our readers, you can use an offer code at checkout!

 Type in “CrawlSpace” at the checkout, and you get 10% off your purchace!

 Click the Nerdy Gifts link here! Chose your box, and remember to mention us at checkout!


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  1. herbiepopnecker

    Kind of like the super-hero box from Supeherostuff.com, though here you pick your character.

  2. Enigma_2099

    Dammit, I wish I could do SOMETHING to help you Ryan, but I'm currently dealing with problems of my own as well. Good luck to you, man.

  3. Ryan3178

    I've heard many good things about Power-Up Box, so much I really wanted to start doing it but then Melissa lost her job and everything went out the door. Some day, hopefully, I've sold my collection to nothing but bare bones now and I look at the holes and I almost cry Power-Up could at least start the healing.

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