Marvel Panel Post-Secret Wars Details

SW2099We’re only two issues into the latest bloated crossover event du jour for the Marvel Universe, but at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con Marvel writers are already talking about the plans for what follows in the “aftermath.” I put that in quotes because none of this sounds “aftermathy” so much as it does “prolonged non-aftermath.” We’ll focus on the Spider-related news because… well because we’re a Spider-Man site. Heh!

The Marvel panel featured Peter David, Charles Soule, Editor Katie Kubert and Marvel Content Development Director Sana Amanat. First up – Spider-Man news. From CBR:

Spider-Man fans who enjoy Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s relationship will get a series for themselves which features the pair’s everyday life with their daughter Annie. Things will go awry when their domain leader, Regent, goes after Peter’s family, forcing him to head underground. “It’s a great adventure story, but also a great story about Peter and Mary Jane,” said Amanat, who also teased that Venom will appear in the series.

That’s all we have to go on so far.

Peter David also addressed the question of whether or not Secret Wars 2099 will feature Miguel O’Hara or not (again, via CBR):

David then spoke about his other series, “Secret Wars 2099,” saying that it will star Miguel O’Hara and feature a world wherein all heroes are employees of Alchemax. “If you do not work for them, you are a supervillain, no matter if you’re doing good or bad,” said David. “This storyline will focus on the Avengers of 2099: Captain America, Black Widow, Hercules, Hawkeye, Iron Man and the Vision. My favorite is Captain America, who is a female. [Artist] Will Sliney made her a typical, Wonder Woman-esque superheroine. I said hold on a minute and said we should assume she took the same super solider serum Steve Rogers took. He went from skinny to muscular, so I wanted this Captain America to turn into a muscular woman. I sent him pics of female bodybuilders and he modeled her after them.” David noted that Hulk 2099 will appear in the series, but characters like Ravage, Ghost Rider and Punisher won’t.

You can read more about the Secret Wars aftermath at CBR. For example – Marvelites who didn’t get enough of their favorite heroes acting ridiculously out of character the first time around can rejoice! ‘Civil War 2’ is headed your way.

–George Berryman!

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  1. Sean This Captain America kind of looks like a body builder. Look at those arms!!

  2. cronotose

    Aww crap. Civil War 2? Does that mean that a large portion of the Marvel fanbase will inexplicably think its the most magically perfect example of excellence is writing in the comic book medium? My word. With the Civil War movie on the way, I'm already getting into too many arguments about how awful that thing was. I don't need another.

  3. tickbite

    Sounds to me like "Renew your vows" is going to be a one-off "adventure story" to please those who wish for Peter to married again. It's completely unrelated to anything and obviously non-canon. Like "Learning to Crawl", eh? Whose writing "Renew your vows" again? ;-)

  4. Stillanerd

    @#5 xonathan and #7 Drewmeister -- Well the theory is that, instead of the "Renew Your Vows" Peter and Mary Jane naming their daughter after Peter's Aunt May like what happened in MC2/Spider-Girl, they name their daughter after MJ's Aunt Anna. Not to mention this is supposedly the daughter Peter and MJ would've had had they not agreed to the Mephisto deal and remained married.

  5. George Berryman - Post author

    @9 - LOL! :cool: I'd honestly forgotten the Electro Annie. I saw the 1982 Annie in the theater as a kid more times than I am comfortable admitting. Aileen Quinn will always be Annie to me.

  6. PeterParkerfan

    Civil War 2?! Duh, why does Marvel ALWAYS rely on cheap events to sell their comics? On top of that, they ALWAYS kill off good characters in these so-called events. Geez.

  7. AmFan15

    I'm picking up Secret Wars 2099 because of Peter David...PERIOD. I honestly couldn't care less what Marvel decides to do with the rest of the universe at this point, but Spider-Verse has showed me that Peter David can handle even the most overblown and convoluted event, and make at least his corner of it interesting.

  8. Al

    @#1-I think this is supposed to be the same Miguel from the 2014 2099 series. RYV had no new info at all

  9. Frontier

    Solicits for 2099 have Miguel as "Miguel Stone," so I guess in this version of 2099 he still got his powers but was raised directly by Tyler Stone? I'm not reading Civil War 2, but I at least have more confidence in Charles Soule turning out something interesting and enjoyable than I do with Millar, so having him involved in Civil War is a positive.

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