Emma Stone and Rocket Racoon Discuss Spider-Gwen

Would you like to see Emma Stone portray Spider-Gwen in a a movie? Emma Stone was asked the question with Bradley Cooper as they were promoting their upcoming movie Aloha. They debate the name “Spider-Gwen” more than actually answer the question.

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  1. Magnetic Eye

    I don't get the popularity of this alternate universe Gwen at all. It's not the Gwen I remember and I couldn't care less for a cinematic version of Spider-Gwen. Silly name and dumb looking costume. On the other hand, now that Marvel Studios are handling the new movie reboot with a new cast, I'm looking forward to seeing the friendship dynamics and ensuing relationships between Peter, Harry, Gwen, Mary Jane and other original (616) support cast.

  2. Henry

    It's spider gwen because gwen was killed and everyone remembers gwen. it's spider payback. Even peter remembered gwen for a long time. now it's been so long and mj has been marooned and gwen was character assassinated so long ago that she has fallen off the face of the earth until this absurd spider gwen from another verse. there are so many riffs and the main theme has gone and most of the thrill with it. have people forgotten how to write a hero for the ages? it's all a second guess now of embittered reality.

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