Matthew McConaughey to Play Norman Osborn?

matthNormanOsbornAll right, all right, all right. Take this with a grain of salt, but the website is claiming they have a source that says Matthew McConaughey is considering playing the role of Norman Osborn in the upcoming Spider-Man films. What do you think?

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  1. ItsMichaelReid

    Just imagine. "Pete....don't tell Harry...Oh right Oh right Oh right OH RIGHT!

  2. Rama

    At first I hated this idea...but that quickly changed after the first knee jerk reaction and now I really like the idea of him in that role. It'd bring star power to the movie...especially if you go with an unknown for Spidey. I just hope they build up to him becoming the Green Goblin instead of putting him on the glider in the first movie.

  3. PeterParkerfan

    I hope Green Goblin won't be the main villian of the new Spider-Man movie.

  4. George Berryman

    @8 - "But it seems unlikely Mcconaughey would want to commit to multiple films." This is what I keep coming back to. I've read him comment on how great the money would be but the "sign on for X number of films" part of it seemed like a turnoff for him.

  5. hornacek

    (McConaughey in the Spidey/Goblin rooftop conversation scene from SM1) McConaughey: (holding a pumpkin bomb) You see, this pumpkin bomb is like a flat circle.

  6. cronotose

    I saw a couple days previously on IGN that he (Mconaughey) was "looking for a role in a comic book movie". I'd guess someone just thought of duct taping one story onto another to create this headline.

  7. crime master

    He's a good actor, he'd likely work imo. Dunno if the theory is in any way valid, though.

  8. George Berryman

    I think it's clickbait. Tomorrow I'll have "a source" that claims Angela Bassett is the new "Norma" Osborn. I'll run it here with a question mark on the end of it. :cool:

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