Tyler James Williams Ready to Be Miles Morales

Tyler James Williams just recently appeared on The Walking Dead. He had one of the best deaths of that series. He’s ready to jump to another comic book property and play Miles Morales. Would you like to see him get the role? 

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  1. Enigma_2099

    @#1&2 Lemme sm it up for you. "Well, if we can't get them to make Peter Parker/Spider-man black..." And in all honesty, if they want a black Spider-Man THAT bad, this makes more sense.

  2. Magnetic Eye

    I would love to see the Prowler. Still have fond memories of the first time I picked up ASM #78 "The Night Of The Prowler".

  3. George Berryman

    @2 - "One thing I really don’t understand about this mainstream push for Miles to be the MCU Spider-Man." I don't either. The character's only been around four years as of this summer. There are a ton of other Spider-characters I'd rather see who've been around decades. Like Prowler or Miguel O'Hara.

  4. cronotose

    I have no desire to see him, or anyone else for that matter, play Miles Morales. One thing I really don't understand about this mainstream push for Miles to be the MCU Spider-Man, is it seems based on the completely random idea that you can't cast a black person to play Peter. Casting goes across the ethnicity spectrum on roles for which it is not a core character issue every single day. Every person in the country can look up whatever local theater is performing Shakespeare and see numerous characters cast as races they weren't written as. Peter lives in New York City for crying out loud. They have every race of people on the planet there. Shouldn't it just strictly be an issue of finding the BEST actor for the role? You know, casting based on merit? I feel like everyone's been taking crazy pills.

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