Campbell MJ Variant Up For Order

11109215_10152737579977581_6053267698704771053_nJ. Scott Campbell has produced a variant for the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man:Renew Your Vows #1. The cover is only available on his website and it’s a beautiful cover, especially for us MJ fans and wedding fans. There are multiple versions of the cover, the cheapest is $24.99 Click here to order it. 

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  1. QuilSniv

    I considered buying it, and stopped for two reasons: 1) I don't have the extra money to buy this incredible variant. 2) It's a Quesada tactic to say "Never mind, Spider-Fans! The marriage exists! Now, please stop filing lawsuits against me and Dan Slott." As much as I love this, and the marriage in general, I'm still not on for RYV. If you'll excuse, I'm gonna rant on YouTube about this.

  2. Magnetic Eye

    Beautiful cover, but I don't buy variants either and I'm certainly not wasting that kind of money on Slott's writing.

  3. Javi Trujillo

    See, I didn't want to buy the issue until I read reviews to see if slott's writing was any good. Now I want to buy it solely for that cover!

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