Dad Spends Son’s Last Day of Kindergarten As Spider-Man

If you don’t tear up at the end of this video, you have a cold, cold heart. Suhaimi Latiff is from Sinagpore and wanted to celebrate his son’s last day of kindergarten and also his sixth birthday. He dressed up as Spider-Man and surprised his class by fighting Locutus of Borg, aka Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: The Next Generation. After the battle the father and son spend the day together having fun. At the end of the video the dad pulls off his mask. Let the tears flow. It’s very touching and well put together.

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  1. parabolee

    Pfft, I'm not going to cry. I've seen dads dress up as Spidey for their kids before. Hell I have done it for me son. Let me watch this though, sure it's cute.... [blubs like a baby] Yeah thanks guys! Now I'm crying at work!

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