Six Actors Audition for Spider-Man Role

actorsThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that six actors auditioned for the Spider-Man/ Peter Parker role in Atlanta on Saturday. Here are the six actors. 

Asa Butterfield- 18 years old and appeared in the movie “Enders Game.”
Tom Holland-19 years old and appeared in the movie “The Impossible.”
Judah Lewis-Age Unknown and appeared in “CSI-Cyber.”
Matt Lentz-Age unkown and appearing in upcoming “Pixels.”
Charlie Rowe-19 years old and appeared in the movie “Pirate Radio.”
Charlie Plumber-Age unknown and appeared in “Boardwalk Empire. “

The report says that the actors are auditioning for a role in Captain America:Civil War and the solo Spider-Man movie. It’s estimated 1500 boys from around the world were looked at and casting has narrowed it down to these six. Previous reports that Asa Butterfield has been offered the role seem to be false. The actors auditined for Marvel Executive Producer Kevin Feige, Sony Producer Amy Pasquel and Directors Joe and Anthony Russo. A decision is expected next week and Marvel could pass on all six if they don’t like the auditions. Who do you like from this line up?


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  1. Ronny

    Tom Holland I'm thinking Harry Osborn though & oh cool a new podcast. Have to hear more details on what you guys think @George Berryman #4

  2. Ronny

    I just hope whom ever they pick can pull off both Peter Parker AND Spider-man. That's my concern with all of the listed potential actors so far. I kinda wish they'd just go for Josh Keaton for that reason. I know he can pull of both. Who cares about his age? He looks young & he could pull off a good Spider-man for years & understands the character & has the greatest enthusiasm for him. My opinion anyway.

  3. QuilSniv

    Charlie Rowe by far. If we're doing this in high school, these kids look way too young to even be in middle school. And even if they did, some of them just don't look the part. Asa Butterfield comes in a somewhat narrow second.

  4. Evan

    @#6 Bill -- I agree, based on appearance. I am unfamiliar with the work and acting abilities of all six of these actors.

  5. Iron Patriot

    I dunno if this is something that people have already stated, but Charlie Rowe was the younger version of the character Andrew Garfield played in the movie Never Let Me Go. (I'm still not accepting any substitutes though)

  6. ItsMichaeleid

    Lol Its funny I just was about to comment that very exact thing! I think its the eyes. Like I can imagine with his Spidey being kind of war torn after Infinity War like he be talking to the newbies of phase 4 like " You think this is bad? I've seen things that would make you crap yourself every night for months."

  7. Alex

    Of all of them, Charlie Rowe resembles what I'd imagine Peter Parker to look like the most. I haven't seen any of these act though so it's impossible to tell who can pull off Peter Parker. Hoping for an announcement next week though, the wait is killing me.

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