Ultimate Spider-Man Gets Fourth Season

ultimateMarvel.com has announced that the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon will continue in 2016. The show will be titled Ultimate Spider-Man Vs The Sinister Six. In this new season Spidey will team up Mile Morales, Agent Venom, Iron Spider and the “mysterious” Scarlet Spider. It’s interesting to note that this will be the longest running Spider-Man cartoon in his 50 + year history. Here’s how it breaks down.
Spider-Man 1967 -52 episodes
Spider-Man 1981-26 episodes
Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends-24 episodes (3 seasons)
Spider-Man Animated Series- 65 episodes (5 seasons)
Spider-Man Unlimited-13 episodes
Spider-Man The New Animate Series on MTV-13 episodes
Spectacular Spider-Man- 26 episodes (2 seasons)
Ultimate Spider-Man- 78 episodes (3 seasons)

Assuming the fourth seasons also gets a 26 episode order that will put the current series at 104 episodes.

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  1. Rama

    *Sigh* Why couldn't the Spectacular Spider-Man have got 104 episodes? And yes I know about the animation rights reverting back to Disney. I know why it was canceled...just wishful thinking on my part.

  2. hornacek

    I was out of my teens when I watched the 90s show and I found it entertaining and interesting and didn't feel like it was talking down to me. The storylines were mature enough for adults but not too complicated that kids wouldn't enjoy them. When I watch USM, I feel like I would have to regress to my childhood in order to enjoy any part of it. Plus the show is ALL about him being Spider-Man. I can't remember an episode where he was Peter Parker for a significant part of the episode. In the 90s show and Spectacular, the plots were just as much about Peter's life as they were about Spidey's.

  3. RDMacQ

    @#18- I don't now about the 90's show. They couldn't have Spider-Man punch in that show. Even though I was still a teenager while watching it, the show didn't seem to be written for an older crowd. Spectacular was an all-ages fare, though. This show? Not my cup of tea. But then again, my favorite show was Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, and that wasn't exactly high art either.

  4. SpideyNoir2099

    i am nothe hugest fan but i like it and defintly like the spiderverse story i am hapy to hear they get another one

  5. hornacek

    @17 - But they're targeting the show *only* for kids. The 90s show and Spectacular SM were written so that both kids and adults could enjoy them. I find it hard to believe that an adult fan of Spider-Man could watch USM and enjoy it without first getting a lobotomy.

  6. callicojacks

    It can be a chore, but I'm trying to make my way through Season 2 to get to the Web Warriors stuff. The thing is.... the kids I've asked/talked to about the show seem to dig it. And it's for kids. We might dislike it, but if kids enjoy it, isn't that a partial victory?

  7. Aziz

    This show sometimes makes me feel like Spider-Man is an idiot not worth being interested in, and all the other heroes are much cooler. But I am interested in seeing more of the show after May revealing what she knows, and Flash and Amadeus now knowing.

  8. RDMacQ

    I'm kind of wondering who the "mysterious" Scarlet Spider is going to be. I've got my some theories, one of them being that I think it might be a female character. Probably because since the focus of the new season will be on the many Spiders like Miles, Iron Spider and Agent Venom, it's a bit of a sausage fest. And, despite Marvel being a little reluctant to feature a lot of female characters in their cartoons, they at least throw one in there. So I have a feeling that the "new" Scarlet Spider will probably be a female, in order to keep the show from becoming too male dominated. But, then again, I could be completely wrong.

  9. Derrick

    Is that racist character Peter Parker still going to be in the show? @10 It's not homophobic to call someone by their name.

  10. hornacek

    @10 - Yeah, I saw the story this morning that he tweeted that he was going to keep calling Caitlyn Jenner "Bruce". Then he quickly deleted it.

  11. Jeff Gutman

    Ooh! It was just announced that voice actor Drake Bell just made some awful homophobic remarks on Twitter! Maybe this will lead to the show being cancelled!!! Please please please....

  12. Jeff Gutman

    When future historians look back on our civilization, they will determine the sudden rise in ADD among the children of our period in history was specifically caused by this show. Christ, what an awful show. Does ANYONE actually like this? I mean, my daughter loves Spider-man but I will not let her watch it due to its manic ADD, hyper sugar-infused explosion. Its visual meth.

  13. PeterParkerfan

    They're continuing that crappy Ultimate Spider-idiot animated show?! Ugh. There goes my hope for a better Spider-Man animated series...

  14. hornacek

    @5 - Maybe the reason they're doing another season is because after the cancellation was announced, there was a huge outpouring by viewers demanding that they keep the show on the air. I crack myself up.

  15. ryan3178

    I see they are doing the entire: "We announced the show was ending but the ratings got better because people are watching because its getting canceled. I hate that, I'm sorry, if you are done with the show, then be done with it. Don't turn around later because the people start watching all of a sudden because they heard it was ending and wanted to see what it was like before it ended. I'm sick of shows like that where the TPTB say its getting expensive and people are tuning out. Then all of a sudden go: "Hey, they are watching it now, let's pour more money in we said we didn't have and keep it alive." Time to move on Disney.

  16. Franz29

    "Versus the Sinister Six"? Kind of limits the story telling options some doesn't it? Oh well, won't bother me since I don't watch the show.

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