Dan Slott Teases Spider-Exit, Talks Renew Your Vows

Amazing_Spider-Man_Renew_Your_Vows_1_CoverCBR has an interview with Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott that covers questions about Renew Your Vows (which hits this week) and also what might be in store for ASM down the road. However, the real news may be in his final answer, in which he teases fans with his possible departure from the book.

Highlights from CBR:

CBR News: You’ve written Spider-Man for several years now, but with “Renew Your Vows” you get a chance to revisit a Spidey status quo that was changed shortly before you began writing the character. Why did you want to tell a married Peter Parker story?

Dan Slott: In the world of “Battleworld” and “Secret Wars” we have this big canvas where you can tell any kind of story. We’ve got a world where Captain America rides Devil Dinosaur and fights Hulks. [Laughs] So there’s no limit to anything you can do, and that’s the way it was sold to us.

Everything was wide open and everybody knows the big taboo in Spider-Man ever since “One More Day” has been the marriage. So I was like, “We can tell any story?” And they were like, “Yeah.” So I asked, “Can I tell the story of a married Spider-Man that lives in a world where everything was on the table?” And they were like, “Yes.” And I was, “WOO-HOO!” because this is like the once piece of forbidden fruit. It’s something I could not explore. So of course it’s the most fun place to play.

CBR: Finally, some fans might dismiss “Renew Your Vows” as almost a “What if?” style story, but like you said and like all “Secret Wars” tales, you’re setting up some elements that will determine what Spider-Man is like after “Secret Wars.”

Dan Slott: Yes, I can not confirm though whether or not I’ll still be on the book, but there are elements that are introduced in “Renew Your Vows” which will have an impact on the world of Spider-Man post-“Secret Wars.”

Check out the full interview at CBR. The first issue of Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 hits comic stands tomorrow, June 3rd. The question now is if the era of Dan Slott coming to an end.

–George Berryman!

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  1. Jack

    I expect the story to end up being very contrived and artificial, in order to preach at the readers that Spider-Man cannot be married and still be Spider-Man.

  2. Cheesedique

    RYV #1 is a decent read. I'm a bit surprised, though, that this is the story Slott wants to tell after being told he can write anything he wants.

  3. RDMacQ

    @#42- NickMB- I have no doubt that Slott is a fan of the character and the franchise. But just because someone is a fan of a mythos doesn't mean they are a fan of all aspects of the mythos. Kind of like how someone can be a fan of James Bond, but dislike the Timothy Dalton era. Or be a fan of Star Trek, but disregard everything past the original series. That, to me, is the type of fan Slott is. He is a fan of the series, but only certain aspects of the series. There are elements that he dislikes, and actively argues "hurts" the book and the franchise. And I feel the marriage is one of them. I don't think he likes or respects it, especially the notion that MJ is Peter's "One True Love." Sure, he'll write Renew Your Vows, because in part he is told to. But I don't think this is a case of "wanting it to check it off his list," instead it being more "Being told to write it, but he'll do so his way."

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