Marvel Releases Teaser for All-New, All-Different Marvel

ANADMarvel1_June4-2Reported by Mashable: Marvel Comics is planning a massive, publishing line-wide reboot this fall that will see all of its comic books revert back to No. 1s, introduce all-new superheroes and significantly alter others, including a new Spider-Man, a new Hulk and new team-ups.

Some of the highlights mentioned by Mashable:

We’ve been planning it for years,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told Mashable. “We realized that [‘Secret Wars’] would be a game-changing moment that would allow us to create a big white canvas. It’s an unprecedented chance for us to tell new stories across all titles with new No. 1s.”

The new books — about 55 to 60 in all, slightly less than Marvel publishes right now — will each introduce new storylines. In some cases, a new character will be wearing familiar costumes, or will have moved, or will have significant shifts in their relationships to other characters. Many of those changes will be shockingly big.
“We chose all of our creators to come in with a hook — a big thing has happened that changes the status quo of the character,” Alonso said. Those kinds of changes will be very much along the lines of the female Thor (who turned out to be Jane Foster) and black Captain America (Sam Wilson, the erstwhile Falcon).

Though he wouldn’t say for sure, Alonso hinted that those two characters would remain in their current form. “These changes were not short-term,” he said. “We’re deeply invested in those characters.”

If you notice in the teaser image, Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen are promptly featured and with the talk of “new creative teams chosen” you do have to wonder if Slott, Bendis or Latour will remain with the characters after the relaunch.

Check out the entire article at Mashable.

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  2. Stuart Green

    I put up a comment last night, but it's not there. Did it not go through? Did it get marked as spam? Oh, well. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, fellow web-heads.

  3. Realspideyfan

    After reading the comments about approaching comics like TV shows it kind of feels like the death knell for quality story telling in comics forms. I know for a fact now we will never see another spider-man#700 hell I'd be suprised to see a spider-man #50. I kind of feel like the top brass at marvel forgot why these movies and shows draw so many fans to their characters which was years of continuity and character building. I really don't understand why can't they just make a comic universe for their cinematic universe and keep their TV show approach there. The way it's going now I know it will eventually get to a point where at the end of an issue it'll say "see spectacular spider-man in theaters in may 3rd to finish this story" which is just depressing.

  4. Frontier

    @#59 - I'm still wondering how that'll work. Will every series got to 11-12 issues before relaunching to a new "season," or will comics that prove successful be "renewed" with more issues? At least Marvel is now open about how they've been handling their comic properties for a while now...less like comics and more like TV shows.

  5. Chase The Blues Away

    #58 I've gone back and looked at interviews. Marvel told us all the multiverses would disappear and there would only be Battleworld. Which is happening. But Marvel never said after Secret Wars there would only be one universe. That's pure fan speculation put forward as fact, based on Miles being integrated into the main Marvel U. Looking at the images, I'm guessing the multiverse will continue to thrive. There's Old Man Logan and Red Wolf from 1872, both alt universes being used in Secret Wars. But after Battleworld, the boundaries might be down, allowing characters to "pop back and forth" between their worlds and the main one.

  6. Al

    Also ANOTHER new Spider-Man in less than 5 years. Man...sure was worth One More Day for all the great story oppertunities that we now have with a single Spider-Man. having him in the first place

  7. Ryan3178

    How very true @59 I think what has been really bad are these big status quo take the book in shocking new directions that have horrible conclusions. Like with Superior, Doc Ock just gave up and Peter took out Osborn way too easily. Then you have recently with Superior Iron Man where you just went: "That was the point of jerk Tony? Seriously?" Most recently with Jane Foster as Thor and then all of a sudden she is: "Being Thor is killing me because of my cancer but I won't take a magical cure but I'll do chemo." Umm... what? Good story catch but horrible pay offs. Happening over in Green Lantern now with Hal Jordan as a rebel without a cause and Superman acting like he's a 19 year old directionless idiot in jeans.

  8. Al

    If you notice the red and blue spider-man's costume is slightly different from the standard suit. the bootsdon't cover up the inside of the leg area

  9. hornacek

    @58 - The more I hear about SW, the more it reminds me of Crisis on Infinite Earths. That was intended to clean up the multiverse, but DC couldn't help themselves, before long they were creating alternate Earths and before long they were back to a complicated multiverse. Marvel isn't even waiting that long - immediately after SW is over they're keeping one of the alternate worlds.

  10. Al

    Whilst I agree comics should be comics and not movies or TV shows, being tv shows is the lesser evil. At least TV shows are serialised and the milestone issue 25 allow for a season finale feeling of sorts

  11. Jason

    @44 Spider-Gwen is going back to her universe, but might “pop back and forth” in NuMU. I thought the point of Secret Wars was to create one universe.

  12. Nick MB

    #55 and #56 may have hit on why Marvel can never really please the online fandom so may as well just do whatever they think best. Do a movie tie-in story? "STOP PROMOTING THE MOVIES AND JUST TELL STORIES YOU SHOULD BE FIRED" Don't do a movie tie-in story? "HOW COULD YOU NOT TIE IN TO THE BIG MOVIE YOU SHOULD BE FIRED"

  13. hornacek

    @55 - I think as long as Marvel is making movies, those days are long gone - it's all gonna be comics promoting the movies and vice versa. Just look at the hoops Marvel jumped through to bring Sam Jackson Nick Fury into the 616 universe and get rid of original Nick Fury. Marvel assumes that anyone that saw the movies and then started reading the comics would be so confused by seeing a white Nick Fury when they expected to see Sam Jackson that they would stop reading comics forever. Marvel, kids are smarter than you give them credit for. I remember Josh complaining on the podcast about Black Widow repeatedly talking about "red in her ledger" in the comics after the first Avengers movie. Didn't she even have a mini-series called "The Widow's Ledger"? Very subtle, Marvel. As for Spidey returning in the comics for the sequel, I have to give that one to Marvel. It would be stupid to release a movie about their flagship character and not have that character (a) appearing in a current comic, and (b) not be alive. But they really dropped the ball by not having Electro be the villain in the first issue. I didn't like Electro in the later issues, but come on - that #1 came out the same month (week?) as the movie - how could you not have Electro as the villain in that issue? That's just poor planning.

  14. tickbite

    Does anyone else feel like the point of comics nowadays is only to promote TV shows and movies? Ant-Man, Black Panther, a black Daredevil, Vision, Dr. Strange, ... Agent Coulson?! I hated it when they brought back Spidey after Superior JUST to coincide with the money (with Electro in tow, no less). Now the comics just serve as set-ups for Phase 3, eh? When will they get around to writing a good run of Spider-Man just for the sake of telling a good story?

  15. hornacek

    @42 - And now I have to go watch the YouTube clip "Captain Sisko Yells At Everyone. @51 - That's right, he's done SSM #1, ASM Vol 3 #1, and Renew Your Vows #1. And if he stays on past Secret Wars he'll do ASM Vol 4 #1. This reminds me of Kevin's quote from a few years ago where he said that because of renumbering Bendis had written two different Avengers #13 issues within a year of each other.

  16. artofjaymz

    At this point, Marvel reminds me of Ted Raimi's 'Hoffman" from the Tobey movies; "Daily Bugle...its hip, its now, its wow...and How!".. ... " brand new all new all different marvel now... .....and WHY?!!!!"

  17. Ryan3178

    I agree @51 He has launched more #1s than Stan Lee at this point. Enough already, let someone else be the main driver for Spider-man again on a book. Scott has had his share of the character.

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