Asa Butterfield Is Out As Spider-Man; Three Actors Still In

AsaButterfiled2Asa Butterfield, the 18-year old actor who was rumored to be the odds-on favorite to be the next Spider-Man as part of Sony’s deal with Marvel Studios, is no longer in contention. That’s the rumor anyway as according to The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider.

On the Meet the Movie Press Podcast (scroll to the 10:26 mark), Sneider was informed Sony and Marvel had narrowed down their choices down to three actors, and that Butterfield was not one of them.  According to Sneider’s sources, these actors are:

  • Tom Holland, whose previous film credits include The Impossible (2012), How I Live Now (2013) and the upcoming Ron Howard adaptation of In The Heart of the Sea(2015). He’s also been featured in the BBC Two and PBS mini-series, Wolf Hall (2015).
  • Charlie Plummer, who played the part of Michael Thompson in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, and Timmy Sanders in BYUtv’s Granite Flats.
  • And Matt Lintz, whose was featured in such films as The Crazies (2010), Piranha 3DD (2012), Kill The Messenger (2014) and the upcoming Chris Columbus, Adam Sandler vehicle, Pixels (2015).

However, the problem according to Sneider is that Sony and Marvel Studios can’t agree on which actor they want. Marvel favors Plummer for the role, while Sony wants Holland. Since Sony is the one who is “footing the bill” as far as production costs for the reboot go, Sneider believes Holland will be the one who will ultimately come out on top. If true, and if neither studio is able to settle on an actor, this could affect the production schedule of Captain America: Civil War, as Spider-Man is supposed to make his Marvel Cinematic Debut in the film.

This also comes on the heels of The Walking Dead actor, Chandler Riggs, posting a tweet which indicates he, too, had auditioned for the role of Peter Parker but didn’t get the part.

So of three choices supposedly available, who you think would make the best Spidey? We will keep you posted as further developments come to light.

UPDATE: And now, according to Comic Book Resources and Birth.Movies.Death (formerly Badass Digest), the choices are narrowed down to two: Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe, whose credits include the film adaptation of The Golden Compass (2007), and TV series such as Robin Hood, Walking With Dinosaurs and Red Band Society.

SOURCES: Meet the Movie Press, Cinema Blend, IGN, and Collider

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(7) Comments

  1. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#5 Jeff Gutman -- Thanks, Jeff. I've updated the article in light of this new info.

  2. Magnetic Eye

    Charlie Rowe definitely has the Peter Parker look, is taller and has a more angular chiseled face.

  3. Will

    Wow, I actually agree with Sony on this. Holland is the better of the three, though Marvel's choice would work with brown hair. Plummer actually looks like Ben Reilly with his blond hair...

  4. Jeff Gutman

    According to CBR this is now old news. The casting is now down to two actors: Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe. And either one works for me so whatever. Not sure how legititmate the whole "Marvel wants plummer" thing was considering he's not even in the top two now.

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