Spider-Captions # 301

So what’s going on in thSquare-491544c9912262ca254fa29191d5c67cis picture? 

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(5) Comments

  1. Evan

    "Hey, kids! Nevermind Thanos and the incoming army of Chitauri! Look at <i>me</i>! Go, web, go!"

  2. BD - Post author

    "Mom!!!!!!!!!! There's a huge hold in the back of Spider-Man's suit!" "Are you sure that's not Moon Knight? "

  3. crime master

    I guess this is the end result of the never-ending campaign to make Spidey 'young and hip'?

  4. Bill

    Peter Parker got ahold of Hank Pym's shrining formula, and then later some kids totally ignored him as they stared at something above him on the ceiling.

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