Spider-Island #1 Preview

Marvel.com sent me a preview of Spider-Island #1. What do you think? Will you be picking it up? 

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  1. Tommy

    I get the bad feeling it's because she's going to turn into a spider like everyone else, with her partial immunity used up. :/

  2. RDMacQ

    I'm kind of curious how big of a role MJ herself will play in Spider-Island. They have her on the first cover, yet they don't mention her at all in previews. Hopefully it's not another instance of what happened with the ASM relaunch last year, with MJ being plastered all over the place but barely showing up at all.

  3. Diannah

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Mayday in a new costume before the end of this series.

  4. PeterParkerfan

    Marvel needs to stop messing around and give Mayday her costume back. She looks like a Petra Parkar 2.0 in her dad's costume.

  5. Diannah

    They had me at "Mayday". :-) I'm also curious to see if MJ with powers gets a bit more play.

  6. Jason

    I'll pick it up if Diamond ever decides its actually being published. I asked my comic book guy about this months ago and he couldn't find it in his database to even order.

  7. Evan

    Is this the first we have seen of Mayday since Spider-verse? It's strange that in that one sequential image of her, her costume changes in the final pose.

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