Weird Marvel Collectibles # 109

Ispider-man_cute-girl_600x9001spider-man_stuff-sack_600x8662t’s a coat and also a sleeping bag. It can be yours for the low, low price of $149. Would you buy it? You’d think for that much money they could spell Spider-Man correctly. They forgot the hyphen on the bag.¬†

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  1. Will

    Someone should do a photo edit of this to make it look like she is in Spider-Gwen's costume...

  2. crime master

    I might have actually been interested in this if it weren't for the high price and the disgraceful misspelling!

  3. herbiepopnecker

    Silent auction here has movie super-hero pics and autographs of the actors. The plaque for Tobey Maguire says "Spiderman". Wonder if a true fan would bother? Wonder if it's plaque or plague? ;)

  4. truthwillwin1

    I will wait for the Spider-Man condom...then again I am sure Dan Slott will mess that up as well.

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