Ryan’s selling off his entire Comic Collection and leaving comics

IMG_3050Hello Everyone,
You read right, I am not only selling off my collection but I’m getting out of comics for the time being. While there are several reasons why, the main two are both cost and entertainment. Add in my wife, Melissa being unemployed over the last year and my son having medical costs, I just can’t do it anymore. I haven’t even seen Age of Ultron or watched Winter Soldier yet. I’m also burned out with the industry with read this and read that and forget what the fans think and I’m calling it quits and selling off my entire comic book collection except for my Spider-Girl/MC2, some Roger Stern, J.M Demantis and a few Conway issues. I’m selling off all of my trades, first editions and hard to find series. I want them to go to great homes and everything is listed below. I want to thank Brad, George, JR, Ashley, Zach, Michael and everyone from the Spider-Man Crawlspace over the years for not only creating a wonderful website and podcast but also letting an old comic book collector like me provide you with entertainment reviews and more over the last few years. Please check out my auctions and thank you again.

Amazing Spider-Man Big Time entire collection from Swingshift to Amazing #700.
Entire Geoff Johns Justice Society of America Collection with Don Kramer sketch
Ms. Marvel first run complete series
Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel entire series run by DeConnick and Reed
Daredevil: Guardian Devil & Parts of the Hole signed by Jimmy P. with sketch
Ant-Man current series 1-4 plus bonus book
Superior Foes of Spider-Man complete run
Complete Hawkeye collection by Fraction/Aja and HC Hawkeye collection series
Aquaman Geoff Johns Run 1-13
Mighty Avengers complete run including The Unspoken
JLA: Earth-2 hc edition and Formerly the Justice League
Marvel Encylopedia: Spider-Man, Marvel Universe, Marvel Knights & Fantastic Four
Secret Warriors by Jonathan Hickman complete series
Avengers collection sets by Bendis, Hickman and more (includes Secret Wars)
Scarlet Spider complete series
Avengers: Endless War Time signed by Mike McKone and added books
Daredevil: Reborn with Fearless story line and official handbook 2005
Inhuman complete run by Soule including handbooks 2004, Inhumanity #1 and FCBD Infinity
Spider-Gwen #1-3
Uncanny X-Force: Dark Angel Saga and prelude Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar

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  1. James Deen

    Hey Ryan can I ask how does it feel to know you won't have your collection anymore? Sorry if this is a weird question but the only reason why I ask this is because I fear one day I may have to sell of my collection as well due to some personal matters and issues within my life and that kind of makes me sad how do you deal with it? I don't want to sell off my collection but I might not have a choice any advice?

  2. Ryan3178

    I plan on it. Sadly I just won't have a regular readers POV anymore but I have reviews to read and the awesome podcast to listen to.

  3. James Deen

    Don't feel too bad Ryan Spider-Man himself would have been more than proud of what you did for your wife and your child, besides everyone is going to go away from this life so we all won't see our collections anymore anyway. Take care mate and please keep coming to the site as even though you are out of the Spider-Man comics you are still part of the family.

  4. Ryan3178

    Oh I know, I'm keeping some books that are rare like Amazing #200, #375, ect. plus Molly Danger, The Stray and of course I have my letter from Steve Ditko that isn't going anywhere.

  5. Rocky Ponti

    Hi Ryan, I understand exactly what you are doing. I'm 55 years old and have bought and sold off my comic collection several times over the years. I only have one piece of advice. Be careful of what you sell. In a moment of insanity and monetary crisis, I sold off a huge segment of my Amazing Spiderman collection, including Amazing Spidey, 121, 122, and 129. (I could kick myself for that) So hang on to your favorites as long as you can. But you are right about today's stories. At 4-5 dollars a pop, it gets real expensive, real quick. And the storylines don't seem to be worth it. Good luck.

  6. Daddypool

    I can definitely relate to what you are saying. Best wishes to boh you and your family.

  7. ryan3178

    @3 Thanks, it was a hard decision but I had to take a hard look and I recently returned from a tech education conference that I spoke at and I have discovered attending them the last few months that is what I want to put my time and energy in right now. I'm a tech teacher in my day job and I just love and enjoy what I do more than spending $4 for subpar writing or waiting months and months for dragging storylines to have no resolution. As I said in my post, I do have a few books staying as part of a collection, plus my Spider-Man 90s toys collection and great books like: Molly Danger, FairyQuest and The Stray but I just can't afford to stay a collector or even enjoy the films anymore. Paying the water bill takes top priority than seeing Ant-Man or the Avengers or even Batman. Also, I'll still be around on the boards and on here posting my thoughts on news and listening to the awesome podcast but as of now, I'm a fan that needs to focus on more important things.

  8. Frontier

    Sorry to hear that life is rough for you at the moment Ryan, and I can emphasize with having money problems and wanting to provide for your family. That's also so Peter Parker isn't it? I also can't blame you for wanting to get out of the comics hobby with things with the big two being what they are and looking to be in the future, even if there are still good books on the stand, and I'm sorry you have to sell a lot of your books and have to leave it all the same. I wish you and your family the best and hope to still see you around the site!

  9. Ryan3178

    Thanks. I hope in some way this summer will lead to quieter times. I've loved being a part of this website and doing the reviews.

  10. Stillanerd

    Thanks again, Ryan, for all the great video reviews you've done. And best of luck to you, your family and all your future endeavors.

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