Ariel Olivetti Teases Possible New Venom Series

ArielOlivettiVenomIt appears there will be quite a few new Spider-Man titles spinning their way out of Secret Wars this fall. At least if this teaser by artist Ariel Olivetti is anything to go by.

The teaser, showing the classic black-and-white spider emblem associated with Venom and Spidey’s black costume, appeared on Olivetti’s Facebook page, along with a note, as reported by Newsarama, in which the former penciler for such titles as Daredevil and Punisher War Journal “[thanked] his agent Eduardo Alpuente, seemingly for getting him hired by Marvel.”

As to what the teaser could mean, the popular theory is it not only refers to Olivetti’s return to Marvel, it may also refer to Eddie Brock becoming Venom once more in a new series. If so, then what of the current wearer of the symbiote, Flash Thompson? And if Olivetti is doing the art, then who will be the writer?  What say you, Crawlspacers?

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  1. darklordx123

    I just looked up Ariel Olivetti's art, and he seems like the kind of guy that would make an amazing (pun?) Venom. If this is a Venom series, I'm excited.

  2. cronotose

    @3 Agreed. Though I don't know how closely Marvel pays attention to that kind of continuity anymore. Still, its a pet peeve of mine when incarnations of Venom don't use it. It really bothered me in the Raimi trilogy that Ock said "we" and Venom said "I".

  3. Al

    I doubt this referenced Brock. Notice that it says 'I've returned'. Brock's Venom referred to himself in the plural. it should say "WE'VE returned"

  4. Phantom Roxas

    Renew Your Vows puts Peter back into the black suit, so maybe that's supposed to stick around afterwards?

  5. WolfCypher

    It was suggested over at the Venom Site that since it was the 1st Secret Wars where Peter found the alien costume, that maybe this teaser could relate to that in this current Secret Wars. But this is a teaser for after the end of Secret Wars, I'm assuming.

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