Tom Holland Interviews

I know next to nothing about Tom Holland, nor what he sounds like. He’s English, but I’m sure he’ll change his accent for the Spider-Man film. Andrew Garfield was able to pull it off. Here’s an interview he did with the AP and Manny the Movie Guy. What do you think of this young actor? 

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  1. Xander VJ

    His voice sounds so young! But he had hit puberty already when he did "The Impossible", so I guess he won't sound much deeper than this now. As for his accent, I doubt Marvel and Sony would have cast him if they thought he wouldn't be able to pull it off. Tons of British actors train themselves to do American accents anyway.

  2. JRT!

    Garfield pulled it off because he's American. And British. Born in L.A.,moved to the UK at a young age. His mother is British,his father is American. I hope this new kid can pull off an American accent. He seems like a nice kid,so good luck to him. I just hope the movie will be good. And what's with all these Brits playing AMERICAN superheroes?! It just doesn't make sense! But as long as the movies are good,y'know,whatever. lol. J-R!

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