A Pregnant Spider-Woman, A “Sinister” Silk, And A Conway-Written Carnage To Debut

SpiderSpinOffsYep, three more Spider-Man spin-off titles are on their way this October, as according to Bleeding Cool and their continual revealing of more upcoming post-Secret Wars titles for Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” Relaunch.

The first is the relaunch of Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez on Spider-Woman, with a brand-new #1. However, the twist is Jessica Drew is about to become a mom, with the tagline being “Parent by day. Hero by night.” Of course the first question one will ask is bound to be “Who’s the father?”

The second title is a Carnage ongoing, illustrated by Mike Perkins and written by Amazing Spider-Man veteran, Gerry Conway. Considering how Conway has never tackled any of the symbiotes as far as I know, it certainly would be interesting to see how he handles Cletus Kasady, especially if the super-powered psychopath is still in his inverted post-AXIS state. (UPDATE: Just been told Carnage is no longer inverted, as seen in Nova #25-27.)

And the third title will be the relaunch of Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee’s Silk.  Only this time, Cindy Moon is apparently no longer playing superhero…she’ll be playing super-villain. Or at least that’s what is implied when she’s described as being “The Sinister Silk.”

In any case, what do you guys think of these new titles?


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  1. Adam S.

    The Spider-Woman thing is so off-the-wall that I'm intrigued about how they're going to pull it off.

  2. Frontier

    @#16 - Considering he's the most prominent male figure in her book at the moment, aside from Porcupine and he's already spoken for, I guess that could feasibly happen even if it would still be pretty "Huh?" At least Jessica couldn't do worse than a nice and loyal guy like Ben, who I could never see as a deadbeat dad, and could be the type of guy Jess needs right now. Not to mention it could help him get over his wife's death. @#17 - That sadly happens quite a bit these days to great characters :(. I wonder what forces Silk into becoming a criminal? Do the people holding her parents force her to start robbing banks? Maybe she gets forced into Black Cat's gang? I wonder if Silk will be the book where see Felicia the most post-Secret War?

  3. Al


  4. Captain Frugal

    The Spider-Woman story seems to be pushing a pretty crappy message, really a pregnant crime fighter? Seems like marvel is just throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks at this point. “Parent by day. Hero by night.” "who is the father" This just does not seem like a good message for a comic. I guess it is better than reading a book with her hooking up with Silk.

  5. Anonymous Jones

    Why do I feel like Hawkeye will be the father and this will be another "Clint Barton is an incompetent putz" and he ends up being a deadbeat dad?

  6. PartyHardy

    @#15 - Yay another T&B fan!! Didn't know that about Julia. Sucks how characters that already exist will get thrown under the bus so that the "popular" characters can carry all the weight.

  7. Stillanerd - Post author

    Okay, here's my crackpot guess as to who the father of Jessica Drew's baby is, are you ready? <B>Ben Urich.</B>

  8. Frontier

    @#14 - The oddest thing is there already is a Spider-Woman who's a single mom: Julia Carpenter. Granted, she became the new Madame Web and been in limbo up until she came out of her coma in Spider-Verse, aside from oblique references in the current Daredevil, but I imagine this new direction for Jessica won't do Julia any favors. Poor Cindy. Just as she had gotten a book that had established her as an actual, and enjoyable, character learning the ropes of being a Superhero, she makes the quickest turn to crime ever that probably won't end well even if her reasons for it are understandable. And yeah, Kotetsu is awesome :).

  9. PartyHardy

    Well I have always wanted to see a single mom superhero (single dads too! Kotetsu is my husbando &lt;3). Don&#039;t know if Jessica is the one to do it, though; she doesn&#039;t quite exude&quot;mommy dearest&quot; in any capacity. As for &quot;Sinister Silk&quot;, what happened to letting characters, y&#039;know, develop? Naturally, instead of with all this publicity and sensationalism. It&#039;s like clickbait has spread to the books themselves, not just the articles covering them.

  10. Al

    This whole #8 month time skip' thing is beginning to sound like DC's 'One Year Later' event post Infinite Crisis. Jessica is Selina Kyle

  11. Frontier

    Conway on a Carnage book is interesting, since I don't recall him ever substantially working on the character. But he's been doing good work lately, so it could be cool to see him work on (presumably) Kasady. Jessica Drew having a baby, with Spider-Woman dealing with her balancing her life as a Superhero and a parent, is definitely a direction I wasn't expecting. Especially considering Jess' own mother issues. Couldn't we have had this same direction for Peter, especially in light of RYV? I wonder who the father is, or if the baby is even really Jessica's and she's just serving as an adoptive mother? Happy the creative team is sticking around for Silk (especially Stacey Lee), but going with "The Sinister Silk" and potentially a more villainous direction for Cindy is unexpected. She's barely been a hero and now she's suddenly turned into a villain or Anti-Hero? Well, at least she can have that in common with Black Cat. Or it could just be that something happens that paints her as a Supervillain in the eyes of the police and the public, while she's still a hero, or she's forced to do villainous things for a good cause.

  12. AHunter

    Just read a n article from CBR reagarding the new X-Men title "Extraodinary X-Men" and it mentioned something about 8 months later. If I remember correctly, Marvel did mention that all titles will be taking 8 months after Secret Wars ends. So those 8 months should hold the key to Spider-Woman's pregnancy and why Silk is playing(hopefully) villain.

  13. Stillanerd - Post author

    Thanks for the info on Carnage, AHunter, as I never read the Nova series. Added the update in the article above.

  14. cronotose

    Reactions: Spider-Woman: Oh, so they're still reacting to that Spider-Woman manufactured "controversy" about being sexualized, perpetuated almost entirely by people who aren't customers. Carnage: Hmm... On the one hand, its Carnage so I assume its awful. On the other hand, its Conway so.....readable? Silk: huh. Less than a dozen issues and she needs a dramatic change in characterization and direction. Should we start the countdown to her cancellation and being forgotten in continuity? @3 No. Quesada logic only applies to high dollar marketable characters. Everyone else falls into the "Eh. Who cares. Do what you want. If you ruin it, we'll just relaunch it" category.

  15. Al

    This is both encouraging and discouraging. Jessica Drew being pregnant won’t last and we all know it, but if Marvel are doing that with her, having Peter be a parent might be seen as redundant so is definitely not happening (for however slight the chance was). Or you know, Marvel made EVERYTHING Superior in 2013 more or less so maybe making characters parents will be their new vogue. As for Carnage with Conway, between AXIS Carnage, Conway’s Spider-Gwen backup and Spyral I will give this a shot. Silk as a villain was an idea I myself had back before Spider-Verse was over. Partially because I hated the character but mainly because her Mary Sue prowess would make her nigh invincible to Spider-Man. Plus she was already a creepster back then. Now thoughThompson has actually made her you know, a GOOD character I don’t want to see that. On the plus side though this doesn't sound rebootey

  16. Al

    Conway is going to have Demogoblin abduct Shriek and take her to a bridge where she will fall off. Carnage will catch her and break her neck. Not from whiplash, he just does that.

  17. AHunter

    Carnage - "especially if the super-powered psychopath is still in his inverted post-AXIS state." Read Nova #25-27 Silk "she’ll be playing super-villain. Or at least that’s what is implied when she’s described as being “The Sinister Silk.”" I'm hoping she's only playing the villain and it has something to do with her family

  18. AHunter

    Carnage - "especially if the super-powered psychopath is still in his inverted state." Read the Nova series, it show that Carnage is no longer inverted. Silk - "She'll be playing super-villain. Or at least that’s what’s implied what she’s described as “The Sinister Silk.”" More than likely she's pretending to play Super-villain and has something to do with her family. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

  19. Shaun Austin Martineau

    Yes to Conway on Carnage, hope it works out for the character. Wut to Pregnant Jess And Hell Yes to Robbie Thompson on Venom. He's been great on Silk, curious to see what he does on his books. I didn't expect all my female books to make it through, let alone all of them + two symbiote books and a multiverse teamup book. Hard not to be excited for the Spider-Verse right now.

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