Both Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 To Relaunch With New #1s

AmazingSpider-ManandSpider-man2099Well, I told you we’d keep you posted as what would could happen with Amazing Spider-Man, and thanks to Bleeding Cool, we may have gotten our answer. Not to mention some potential good news for George Berryman.

This October, we will apparently be getting yet another relaunch of The Amazing Spider-Man with a yet another #1 issue, with┬áDan Slott still doing the writing chores. The difference, however, is that Giuseppe Camuncoli appears to be the regular artist for the series. The other title will be another relaunch of Spider-Man 2099, with Peter David and Will Sliney continuing Miguel O’Hara’s adventures, yet Bleeding Cool states O’Hara will apparently have “a very new look.”

So what’s the verdict, Crawlspacers?


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  1. Javi Trujillo

    @56-it's what I was raised on, actually. The first comic I remember getting in the early 80s was an issue of Marvel Tales reprinting Amazing #5 and I went forward from there. That doesn't mean Miles is bland.

  2. Al

    @#31-I think the number of variants put out by Marvel tells a slightly different story. Not to mention the inherent addiction mentality of serialised comic books. Countless fans have continued buying countless series over decades despite not liking the direction or stories. It takea a reality slap to make them stop. @#53-I you want to read something like that I recommend this character called Peter Parker from this run of comics by two guys Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

  3. Scarletspiderfan

    I knew 2099 was coming back. There was never a hard conclusion. Plus, given that the Warzones banner is supposed to be flowing into the new universe (which Secret Wars 2099 falls under), I had a feeling Miguel's story would be continuing. So happy to see this.

  4. Ryan3178

    Do I not like Bendis doing his classic "talking heads" with Miles. Of course not but it has been a great series and I have loved the character since day 1. However, his last volume was spinning in circles and then just had to "end" because of Secret Wars. I rather read about a character I love and a creative team that "get him" instead of one where the writer wants to basically take the character and make him: Dr. Who, the villain or Tony Stark and yet is told: "He can't be married and he's about youth!"

  5. Javi Trujillo

    #51-have you read any of the Ultimate series? I wouldn't call Miles bland at all. I may be biased as the reviewer, tho.

  6. krankyboy

    @49 and @50 And by picking up Miles over Peter, you are essentially voting to chuck Spider-Man in favor of a bland race replacement. Which is what Marvel wants at this point. Yeah, that will sure show them!

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