Spider-Gwen In Second Series Titled Web Warriors

Spider-Verse#1CoverJust as they did with the earlier story regarding Venom: Spaceknight, Bleeding Cool is also reporting Spider-Gwen will be in another ongoing, this time with a team of different Spider-Men and Women (and pig). Spinning (no pun intended) out of Secret Wars and it’s Spider-Verse tie-in mini series, the new series is titled Web Warriors, is set for an October release date, and is to be written by Mike Costa, with art by David Baldeon. Along with Spider-Gwen, the other member include Spider-UK, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Man: India. So gang, what’s your thoughts about the spider-powered Gwen Stacy from another universe getting a second series?


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  1. shea

    its because of the scotish referendum last year, the snp clean up in the elections this year and the british referendum to leave the eu next year. Popular culute is being saturated with jingoistic british symbols.

  2. shea

    my family are from a country where the union jack is referred to as the butchers apron, there are many such countries in the world. Wondering how much the british embassy paid for this product placement in marvel and the the rest of the union jack fettish that has been going on in popular culture the last few years.

  3. Al

    @#4-She's in college so she is at least 18-22. Peter is at least 28 according to Marvel but really he is like 33.

  4. Will

    Spider-Gwen is actually younger than the 616 Gwen, so that would complicate things. Isn't she still a teenager?I'm still waiting to find out what they are doing with Kaine...I keep hearing they have big plans for him, but that is about it...

  5. Al

    @#1-If the writers wanted to explore the dynamics of Gwen being alive and exploring the dynamics of her being back in Peter's life she had an identical clone with the exact same memories running around the Marvel universe since 1975.No one wanted to do it because it was asinine and Gerry Conway already said everything that needed to be said when he introduced the Gwen clone.She and Peter are very different people to the kids who dated and fell in love once upon a time. Peter moved on and so did she.It's time Marvel creators and many fans did the same.

  6. cronotose

    "the writers could take advantage of a Gwen being back in Peter’s life and exploring their dynamics together."Would never happen more than a few passing lines. These creatively devoid "alternate" characters are there to facilitate easy writing. Its much easier to introduce new material than deal with existing longstanding characters and continuity. This is why so many long running tv shows have a huge influx of new characters (which are never quite as good) coming in roundabout season 5 or 6. If we can't get Pete to deal with the emotional after effects of having his body stolen for a year which just happened, there's no way we'll get any serious ramifications to a 40 year old story. Maybe if Spider-Gwen can stick it out until Marvel gets a new EIC or at least a new Spider-Writer who gets some freedom, but I seriously doubt she will. She wasn't planned to be a real part of Marvel continuity. She's only there because of fan response. As soon as the sales take a dip she'll be canceled.

  7. Jason

    What, no review on Spider-Verse #1?Quite honestly, I think the Marvel Universe is too overrun with Spider-characters. I don't get the fascination with Spider-Ham. Personally, I think he's a bit lame.I'm not sure how I feel about a Spider-Gwen. Her death is historical and bringing her back just seems to taint that a little. On the other hand, the writers could take advantage of a Gwen being back in Peter's life and exploring their dynamics together.

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