Venom Spaceknight Ongoing

GotG-AllNewVenom-rev-40828Bleeding Cool is reporting that Venom will be getting another ongoing, only this one will be based in space. Venom:Spaceknight will allegedly be written by Robbie Thompson and Ariel Olivetti. It seems Flash will spend a bit more time in space out with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Will you be picking this book up? 

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  1. Max

    Not liking the suit, but I don't mind Flash in the role as Venom. Actually really like it! Flash deserves a chance to be a hero. He's not perfect, in keeping with him as apart of the Spider-Man family

  2. PeterParkerfan

    So there's gonna be two new Venom ongoing? I think I'll just pick up the Ariel Olivetti Venom title. That one seems cooler than this one.

  3. Mike

    #6 Rom and Brandy are still busy single-handedly repopulating Galador. Original Firefall is turning over in her grave. :)

  4. Al

    @#9: I have problems with Flash as Venom in the first place but I can understand it being viewed as a natural progression...just not in space. The kid who bullied Peter Parker on the first page of Amazing Fantasy #15, went to Vietnam, dated the Black Cat and struggled with alcoholism shouldn’t be having adventures as a space cop. As for Venom general it’s like this. Venom is one of the 3 big Spider-Man villains. He should be on the table in the villain pool. Good villains are gold dust for super hero comics. You cannot afford to kill them off, write them out or make them not villains, especially without replacing them. So Venom should be a villain and frankly doesn’t work as effectively in concept as a heroic figure. I mean honestly Flash could have ANY symbiote and the effect would be the same beyond the name and visual and the irony of being bonded to one of Spider-Man enemies. But the irony and connection between the two of them has been moot so far considering they’ve rarely interacted. Hell the symbiote until 2014 didn’t even know Peter was Spider-Man or remember why precisely it hated him. And as for Flash he is one of the greatest supporting characters Spider-Man has. Why should Spider-Man’s book be poorer without him? I know it’s great for Flash’s character to stand alone but at the same time in a franchise like this the centrepiece should be served first. Which means you don’t do something good for the spin-offs at the expense of the parent series itself. If Spider-Man is poorer without Flash or Venom (let alone both) but it’s good for both characters then you don’t serve the other characters. I suppose the compromise would be to give Flash a different symbiote (like Mania) and have him still be a symbiote hero (even called Agent Venom) whilst Venom becomes a Spider-villain again.

  5. Hobo-Goblin

    @ #8 Not that I really care for Flash-Venom, Savior of the Universe, but I do really like Flash being Venom and see it as a natural progression of his character. Peter Parker's one-time rival. Spider-Man's biggest fan. And Flash is now a distorted mirror version of the man he has both admired and loathed. It is a much more intense personal connection than Eddie Brock ever had with Peter. But at the same time, I do recognize that Venom is seen as part of the main trifecta of Spider-Man foes (Goblin, Octopus, and Venom), and it is probably inevitable that he will return to that status eventually.

  6. Al

    Renew Your Vows #1 wrote Venom egregiously out of was still the best Venom story in years. Remember when Venom was you know...a BAD guy...and was in Spider-Man comics? And remember when Flash Thompson was a down to Earth normal guy struggling with his love life, alcoholism, being past his prime, his friendships with Peter and Betty, and his place in the world instead of being Flash Gordon?

  7. Shaun Austin Martineau

    Robbie Thompson took Silk and made her solid. So excited to see what he does with Flash.

  8. cronotose

    I'm not sure Marvel understands the appeal of any of their characters less frequently than Venom. Original Venom fans didn't want a lethal protector. Lethal protector fans didn't want anyone in the suit not named Eddie Brock (and certainly not calling themselves Venom, as that's their combined name, not the suit's name). Were there any Mac Gargan Venom fans? If so, I haven't met them. Flash Venom fans didn't want to see him in space, unable to interact with 95% of the known Marvel U. It really seems like they have no clue what to do with the character, coming up with very wildly new directions every couple of years and zero long term planning. This means he gains a bunch of readers every new series, and loses a bunch of readers every new series. I don't understand how they expect to cultivate IPs this way.

  9. Mike

    Just like many have recently been saying Peter Parker is the one real Spider-Man, ROM will always be the one true Spaceknight.

  10. Hobo-Goblin

    I love Flash as Venom and he can stay Venom forever as far as I'm concerned. But I'm not so jazzed about his current whereabouts. I think I'd rather him bum around New York again.

  11. ryan3178

    Funny since we will see classic Venom in the new Contest of Champions ongoing. Of course, if things are going to go where I think they are. Battleworld will be the center of CC while Flash continues as Venom. Flash has a lot of fans of him as Venom, so not surprising they are keeping with the storyline. I won't be getting it but I do like Flash as Venom.

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