Details of the Relaunched Amazing Spider-Man Revealed

AmazingSpider-Man(2015)#1--coverAs those of you who are regular visitors of the Spider-Man Crawlspace well know, Bleeding Cool did a series of leaks regarding some of the new titles and creative teams post-Secret Wars as part of Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” initiative.  One of the series was another relaunching of Amazing Spider-Man (making this the fourth volume of the series) to written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli. The only other thing we knew about it was the tagline which was “Your friendly neighborhood just got bigger.”  And by bigger, Marvel means global.

In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Dan Slott revealed further details about his upcoming direction for Peter Parker and his world this October, which finds in the eight months after the events of Secret Wars, Parker Industries  is now “one of the leading companies in the world.”

“Peter Parker has stepped up,” Slott told MTV News over the phone. “He’s grown. He’s become the Peter Parker we’ve always hoped he was going to be. This company, with Peter’s inventions and Peter’s gumption has gone to new heights.”

Furthermore, Spider-Man has also gone global in more ways than one, becoming the corporate symbol for Parker Industries.

…Just like in the real world, Spider-Man is everywhere. Now that Peter Parker is an international icon, Spider-Man has become his bodyguard — mirroring a storyline that played out with Tony Stark back when “Iron Man” first launched — and so Spider-Man’s logo is on shirts, posters, toys, games and more all over the world…

…“He’s operating with Parker industries in not just New York, but also Shanghai and San Francisco and London,” Slott said. “He’s going to be a far more global Spider-Man, and with that is going to come all new global threats. Things that will really test Spider-Man like never before.”

Peter is also getting a slightly tweaked costume designed by Alex Ross, and a new Spider-Mobile designed by Giuseppe Camuncoli, which, in the first issue he’ll be “driving around the streets of Shanghai,” according to Nick Lowe.  Concept art shows the new Spider-Mobile has transforming capabilities to switch from car to an eight-legged walker. It’s also a two-seater, which according to Slott allows for “new allies” and “romantic complications.”

As for what this also means for Miles Morales, who is also getting his own series this October as well?

“What you’re going to get from Miles is you’re going to get classic Spider-Man,” Slott noted. “A teenager in high school having problems and trying to deal with things.

“And when you’re reading Peter Parker ’Amazing Spider-Man,’ you’re going to get the Spider-Man you’ve been reading about since 1962 going to all new levels. Can he do the street stuff? Sure, but he can do that times ten. It’s everything you know, everything you care about, amped up to a level you’ve never seen before.

This, according to the interview, also means Peter will be tackling new villains while abroad, while Miles and the Jessica Drew Spider-Woman “will be taking on Peter’s rogues gallery back in New York.”

So what do you Spidey fans think of the idea of Peter Parker, international playboy and hi-tech billionaire? Or is he just a mere millionaire?


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  1. Al

    @#168: But Jeff it’s totally relatable for Peter to be a one percenter. That’s why he got the fanfiction dream science job he always wanted which had flexi hours. In all seriousness though I think Slott and Marvel and even some fans have this incredibly limited idea that if you do something ‘new’ it means it is ‘exciting’ or that it is ‘good’. Its true this is new for Spider-Man. That doesn’t make it good. That doesn’t even make it a ‘wait and see’ kind of situation. Remember Tri-Corp? THAT was new as well. But that was an inherently broken idea from the start as well. You might as well have Peter join the Guardians of the Galaxy. Never seen that before right? That’s be new? And I’m sorry but yes. Taking Spider-Man into space is EXACTLY as out of the realm of what he deals with as this. @#169: You are blatantly ignoring what I said. Being an actress or a go-go girl were jobs for Mary jane. Being an ACTRESS was innate to her character but not being a dancer or a model because MJ put on a facade for a lot of her life. Yes being stereotypically attractive is as well. But your narrow minded presumption equates to the idea that a nerdy person could not ever form a relationship with an actress or someone stereotypically regarded as attractive when there is far too much evidence in the real world let alone in the pre-marriage Spider-Man narrative which refutes that idea wholesale. At the same time you ignored my comment about how she could be and was ‘course corrected’ and STOPPED being a model. If Marvel wanted Mary Jane could be fat. It’d change how she was stererotypically attractive, but her personality wouldn’t necessarily have to be impacted on and it wouldn’t truly affect Peter’s relationship with Mary Jane. I’m not killing a messenger because you have no message to deliver. @#171: Pray tell what the Hell is ‘the average woman’ by your definition. As I said her occupations could be fluid. If your point was in regards to her looks, many women are stereotypically attractive and there is nothing wrong with that the same way there is nothing wrong with women who are physically attractive in ways which aren’t fitting common stereotypes. In particular within comic books MOST women have idealised physical features. And again, what on Earth has that got to do with her personality or her relationship with Peter if she IS attractive? Don’t use the terms ‘tame the woman’. It carries problematic connotations. Would she be oridinary if she had a different job like they did and could easily give her? @#173: *rolls eyes disparagingly* @#175: If you think Mary jane is perfect you are either deliberately lying, have not read enough of the character or else have not paid attention whilst reading her. This is an objectively incorrect statement. @#177: First of all ‘a hottie wife’ is a somewhat sexist statement. Second of all again, yes she was attractive physically. So is Peter. So was Gwen. So was Betty and Liz. WTF is your point? @#180: Yes she was. And NONE of that makes her a bad character or ‘inappropriate’ or ‘unrelatable’ for Peter to be involved with romantically @#182: And you’ve failed to explain why that is at all important. And again, there are MANY women in this world who we could call stereotypically attractive. @#187: No that was the 2007 season of Spider-Man

  2. Rama

    So if we are suppose to think of our comics now as seasons of a TV show, I can only equate this with the season of Happy Days where the Fonz jumped the shark on water skis.

  3. AmazingOSUman

    Oh, my head! No. Just, please, no. I thought the Mephistopheles deal was a nightmare, but look at *this* crapfest! Mebbe if we all got together and wrote a mature analysis of what is wrong with this, and sent it to Michael Eisner, or whoever is head of Disney . . . .?

  4. Jeff Gutman

    Mods. I posted a message last night that I spent a good deal of time working on that was caught by the spam filter. Can someone please fix?

  5. Chase the Blues Away

    #182 Oh, don't worry, I've got much better things to do than ensure the troll's alimentary canal has product.

  6. George Berryman

    I don't mind the two of you going back and forth and back and forth over the same points with varying degrees of "nuh uh!" so long as it y'all remember to keep it civil. Thanks, folks! :cool:


    "Yes. And so what? Because a female is an actress and likes to have fun and get paid to model, she’s not fully dimensional? Attractive women aren’t real? Women are their professions and don’t have individual goals and wants? Being attractive automatically negates her character? " No, but she is not a average girl either. "That’s really..SAD. Some might say MISOGYNIST and SEXIST, even" Well, don´t kill the messenger. She was writen like that. The average guy with the hot girl.

  8. Chase the Blues Away

    DEKE RIVERS: Nope. Sorry. Let's see if I can break this down for you, although I have a feeling it's useless. "MJ is a hottie wife" is, what is commonly called, by everyone in the entire world, "an opinion." Opinions are like alimentary canals. Everyone has one. Doesn't mean your alimentary canal is more special or more correct than anyone else's, however. Quite the contrary, because those stooping to give your alimentary canal the benefit of the doubt back up their opinions with examples from the comic books, while you just continue exposing your alimentary canal as if repetition makes it any more valid. Here's a hint: it doesn't. It just clogs up this board with yet more alimentary canal. "MJ was a party girl, a model, and an actress." Yes. And so what? Because a female is an actress and likes to have fun and get paid to model, she's not fully dimensional? Attractive women aren't real? Women are their professions and don't have individual goals and wants? Being attractive automatically negates her character? That's really..SAD. Some might say MISOGYNIST and SEXIST, even. (Let's not even touch the FACT that 99.98% of women in comics are drawn just as attractive if not more so than MJ, not to mention Peter's girlfriends have all been portrayed as conventionally attractive, not to mention that 99.975% of women in all media depictions are, in general, ready for their Hollywood close-up. Not to mention that Peter himself is rather attractive, to the point his fellow male college students were jealous of his looks.)


    "I don’t know who NOBODY is, but I’m somebody and I deny it, full out. Sorry." Sorry but you are wrong. She is a hottie wife. "However, I understand how someone whose only exposure to females comes in the pages of comic books might not like MJ, and insists on viewing her as they believe women should be written in comics. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with what is actually on the page.· In the page, MJ was a party girl, a model and actress. That´s the truth. You can sympathize with MJ, but you can´t change that fact.

  10. PeterParkerfan

    Whoops! I had no idea DEKE RIVERS was trolling us. Oh well, gonna ignore him from now on. MJ = perfect? What a lame joke!

  11. Chase the Blues Away

    #176 I don't know who NOBODY is, but I'm somebody and I deny it, full out. Sorry. The reason why MJ resonantes is because she is fully dimensional character, with both positive and negative traits. She's far from perfect. If she were, she would be boring and no one would like her. As an "ordinary girl" myself, I fully empathize and sympathize with MJ, and find her very relatable. It has nothing to do with her looks, and everything to do with her personality:. She puts on a mask to hide and protect her true self, and that rings very true. However, I understand how someone whose only exposure to females comes in the pages of comic books might not like MJ, and insists on viewing her as they believe women should be written in comics. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with what is actually on the page. Also, I do compliment on your use of CAPS to STRESS your WORDSs. The only other person I've seen be so LIBERAL with THIS style of writing is DAN SLOTT.


    Call me a troll if you want but MJ always was a hottie wife and nobody can denied that. NOBODY She was the ideal wife and, obviously, it works. Everyone seems to love her.

  13. cronotose

    @174 Deke I'm going to have to apologize to you. You see, all this time myself and others here were wildly misinterpreting you. We were under the impression you were making honest statements of opinion which were open for rational discussion. Clearly with as many times as real evidence and logic has been given to you which you've either ignored or hand waved away with broad statement of opinion as though it were fact in evidence, that's not the case. We had no idea you were really trolling us. Good job sir. You got us good.


    "I’m saying MJ is more than just a ‘hot party girl’" Yeah, I Know it, She is perfect. That´s the point. LOL

  15. PeterParkerfan

    *sigh*You didn't get it, do you? I'm saying MJ is more than just a 'hot party girl', that's all. Take the MJ in RYV for example.


    "So basically you’re saying that all those issues with MJ being Peter’s wife (most notable: Kraven’s last hunter and the JMS run) were a bunch of lies?" Where is the lie? It´s a comic Book!

  17. PeterParkerfan

    So basically you're saying that all those issues with MJ being Peter's wife (most notable: Kraven's last hunter and the JMS run) were a bunch of lies? MJ isn't just a hot party girl, you know? And Peter isn't badlooking either.


    "I don’t think DEKE RIVERS really understands MJ." Oh, I understand MJ. She never was the average woman. You can tame her but she will never be a ordinary girl.

  19. PeterParkerfan

    I don't think DEKE RIVERS really understands MJ. He just views her as a 'hot fantasy character' ... nothing more than that.


    "It was also something which could be easily course corrected (and was) by giving her a different occupation. And it was utterly irrelevant to her character." Yeah, like an actress or a Go-Go girl. All very nerdy LOL. She ALWAYS was a hot girl. "Mary Jane can be fat if they wanted to. There is nothing which REQUIRES her to not be fat unless she needs to not be for a job. You are ostensibly saying she can’t be because it would destroy the fantasy of it, which is frankly quite sexist (not that I wanna come off like an SJW) and makes Peter out to be shallow." She IS a fantasy, She can´t be fat. You Know, "how could they do that with her" "Marvel Hates MJ" and...Don´t kill the messenger.

  21. Jeff Gutman

    The more time I spend thinking about this, the more I read Dan Slotts asinine arguments with Byrne etc. the more I come to the same conclusion. On a purely socio economic level, he is turning Peter Parker into a one-percenter. Peter should never be a one-precenter, it removes the last vestige of his relatibility. It just might backfire on Slott in ways he can't perceive yet. He keeps saying on CBR and Byrnes message board "but doesn't this fish out of water scenario feel like it might lead to new and exciting stories???" Yes if someone else was writing them I suppose. In the first place, it's a huge leap to assume the inept Peter he's written for years now, the Peter who can't tie his shoes without Silk or Anna Maria, that Peter could never run a business such that it becomes a multi national corp. and even if he did, he becomes a symbol of uber wealth, a thousand miles from the street level hero he should be. Another thought, sex in the city 2 was released right in 2008 when the banks collapsed and the nation plunged into economic recession. The movie depicted the girls indulging in the worst excesses and flaunting their uber wealth in a very cavalier way. In light of the economic downturn, this decadence became a symbol of the times. Dan Slott, by choosing to depict Peter in much the same manner, an uber wealthy billionaire, separates the character completely from the average comic buyer and fan.

  22. Javi Trujillo

    I don't think it's fair to say Miles is a rip off of Peter and that their adventures/lives are the same. Post spider bite, Miles still had both his parents for a while and when he lost one, he kept the father figure. Also, he was never an orphan living with relatives. Plus, Miles has his best friend as his confidant, versus 616 Peter, who was a loner in high school. I would also argue that the art Pichelli and Marquez provided was excellent. I can understand ones feelings about Lafuente. When he took over I found his more cartoony, manga style to be too off-putting compared to Bagley's established work visually. However, when I finally did go back to read it, I did enjoy it. Pichelli and Marquez are 180 degrees from his style, however, and have maintained a consistent look for Miles' world. It's also not fair to compare the passage of time between 616 Peter and Ultimate Peter and Miles, particularly time in high school. Bendis is arguably the king of decompression. Take for example him turning a short story in Amazing Fantasy 15 into a 6 issue story, or the fact that when Peter was resurrected, 4 of those issues all took place during the span of the same night. What's four months for us was a few hours for them. That isn't the type of storytelling Stan Lee employed in the 60s. Bendis has 26 Ultimate Spidey trades starring Peter Parker. Compare those to Lee having Peter graduate in issue 28! I do find it sad that I am seeing more of the Peter Parker I recognize in the pages of Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, and Spider-Man 2099. I was hoping that maybe I would come back to Amazing after Renew Your Vows, a title I am waiting till it gets further along before I decide to read it so I don't waste money on something that may make me unhappy, but the direction Slott states he is charting has no appeal to this fan who had bee reading since the early 80s and started with the Marvel Tales reprints of the 60s!

  23. Al

    @#175: Ah, apoogies I did not mean to spam. I only just saw your message. My posts weren't getting through until I split them up into smaller ones. Didn't know I wasn't allowed to do that. Sorry

  24. Al

    @#144-Dan Slott is a writer who loves criticising Peter Parker more than celebrating him. He loves showing off that he knows his continuity by pointing to a (perceived) ‘problem’ with Peter as a person and throwing out a big summation of why he is ‘wrong’ and ‘flawed’ as a person because it makes him feel smart that he was able to spot that problem and he thinks it will make others think he is smart to. Compare and contrast to Stracsynski’s ASM #500. Peter Parker literally relives all of his battles as Spider-Man in one day, has a moment of doubt and talks to Dr. Strange and then at the end talks to a resurrected Uncle Ben for five minutes. In that Dr. Strange made the point that few people ever get the chance to truly make a difference to someone else even once but Spider-Man has done it countless times, which inspires him to keep going and eventually despite being exhausted he wins all his battles again. And at the end he thinks back at all the chaos and violence in his life and comes to the conclusion that, despite all that, he is actually very lucky and ultimately happy. JMS was doing it for the character and not himself and the message was “this guy is great. This guy is a hero. This is why you should love him”. Slott frankly makes me question if he even LIKES Peter Parker or if he just likes criticising him. Either way he clearly liked Doctor Octopus being Sp[ider-Man much more than he liked Peter Parker as Spider-Man. @#146-The only bad thing about it would potentially being it removing money problems or MJ getting big enough to move in legit celbrity circles on a regular basis. @#147-The Goblin King was Norman Osborn and Norman was a big bad monster long before Otto got there and already planned for some dark shit to go down. And in Slott’s own run he had Peter’s inventions co-opted by Otto during Ends of the Earth, so if the argument is that Otto is bad because he inadvertently helped/led to the creation of a villain (which I don’t necessarily buy although Otto was very wrong for using his spy tech) then Peter is just as bad or even worse. Hell Peter has inadvertently led to Venom, Carnage, Hobgoblin and Harry’s Green Goblin to be created. I don’t blame him for any of those so I can’t really wholesale blame Otto for this. Yes Otto handed Peter back his body which was at worst out of character for Otto and at best him essentially fucking with Peter and then skimping on any repercussions. Yes the point on face value is Peter is better but it not only failed to do that but frankly based on past experience I don’t know if Slott in his own head even believed in that objective or was trying to support it. Look at how many times he’s marginalised Peter or undermined him. Silk. Carlie with powers. Anna Maria in the Ghost arc. @#147: Slott is the complete opposite to that because with this and Superior and other stuff he’s sending the message that Peter has been ‘wrong’ all this time and you can see that in other stuff like how he ‘pointed out’ that Peter selfishly ‘abandoned’ Aunt May the night Ben died and was wrong to do that. this is the same guy who also had Spider-Man ‘learn the lesson’ that he shouldn’t be a paparazzi photographer because it invades people’s privacy, which is a lesson Peter Parker should know more than anyone…especially LESS THAN A YEAR AFTER HE UNMASKED TO THE WORLD! @#148-Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and irrelevant because why should a woman’s beauty be something that contributes to her value as a character or her value in the life of another character. I mean my god how many OTHER beautiful women are there in comics. It’s easier to list off the ones who are NOT stereotypically beautiful. And frankly if you think it is so unrealistic for someone like Peter Parker to be romantically involved with someone like Mary Jane take a look at the real world. George Berryman’s girlfriend Christina Hendricks is a stunning red haired glamorous woman married to a man whom we’d not call stereotypically attractive. So this isn’t that unrealistic. @#148: Then you’ve got who Peter Parker is. Peter Parker is not a stereotypically ugly person. He ain’t no Brad Pitt, but he’s attractive enough (plus he has a super powered physique I’d imagine many ladies would find appealing). He’s funny, he’s respectful, he’s responsible, he’s kind, and he’s generally a decent guy. Not only are these qualities frankly a Hell of a lot of women would find appealing but for Mary Jane in particular he’d be a big catch. She grew up with an abusive alcoholic piece of shit father who tore her down constantly. If that’s her male role model in life then going forward she’d seek out someone with the opposite personality traits. Peter Parker has all of those, right down to the fact that he is selfless whilst her father was selfish and whilst her Dad was abusive and threw his power around, Peter NEVER abuses his power like that and MJ has known that for years. To paraphrase a particular issue, she loved him because he could beat up whoever he wanted but chose not to. @#148: It’s almost like the two of them fell in love mostly due to their complimenting personalities rather than their looks. Which happens in real life. And is therefore NOT a juvenile fantasy. Mary Jane can be fat if they wanted to. There is nothing which REQUIRES her to not be fat unless she needs to not be for a job. You are ostensibly saying she can’t be because it would destroy the fantasy of it, which is frankly quite sexist (not that I wanna come off like an SJW) and makes Peter out to be shallow. @#148: Peter Parker finds MJ physically very attractive make no mistake but it wouldn’t end their relationship if she gained weight. He found her pretty hot when she was pregnant after all and as I said, he loves her more for her personality than her looks. In fact in the Silver Age he was turned off from her because she seemed shallow beyond her looks and hence he found Gwen who seemingly had more substance appealing. That’s the truth genius Would I personally want MJ to be fat? No because I’ve gotten used to the character being a certain way but I don’t think it ultimately matters. Black Cat, now she honestly cannot be fat (or too fat) because of the nature of her costumed activities meaning she needs a level of physical fitness. @#150-Well…I dunno if it’s true the appeal of her has had ‘little’ to do with her looks but certainly it wasn’t the be all and end all by any means. And I think you will find by Marvel comics standard she is actually considered by many to yes be very attractive as a girlfriend. @#151- You are being incredibly narrowminded because you are painting supermodels with a broadbrush as though they are not people and you are also ignoring how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your statement also utterly ignores what cronotose said because he made the point that MJ’s look has remained consistent over time and that look has been of a stereotypically attractive woman. Same way Peter Parker’s look beyond the Romita run has rarely changed beyond artistic licence from different artist’s interpretations. But even that isn’t strictly speaking true because MJ for many years had a very different hairstyle to her original one when McFarlane came onto the book. Have you READ any Mary Jane stories? MJ was far from perfect both as a person and as a wife as they argued frequently and she was prone to sometimes being (understandably selfish). She LEFT him during their marriage once. You also have the fact that not everyone’s fantasy is the same. Some people might not WANT the party girl. In fact PETER didn’t want the party girl but there was more to MJ than that. he grew to like the party girl side of her and actually it helped bring him out of his shell. Dunst and Woodley don’t on face value look as much like MJ as other acrtresses but putting women on a scale of personal attractiveness is frankly in and of itself juvenile and again kind of sexist. Both are attractive women in many people’s eyes. And comic books inherently have juvenile depictions of women which make them into sexual fantasies most of the time. I mean did you SEE the New 52 titles and all the sex scenes in those?

  25. Al

    @#142- It was also something which could be easily course corrected (and was) by giving her a different occupation. And it was utterly irrelevant to her character. But that doesn’t matter does it? Because really all mary Jane = was a supermodel i.e. a pretty face. Screw her personality, her history, the fact that she’d known Peter for almost 10 years since she was 18 when they got married, that they had dated and were in love for many of those years. She was just a supermodel. That’s all she was worth and thus it’s a juvenile fantasy. Because in real life it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be married to a woman whom many people would consider attractive. It’s just a fantasy. Also all women like that are obviously brainless bimbos of course. And isn’t i curious how people such as yourself are so quick to point the finger of criticism at Peter Parker being married to a person who happens to work in the modelling industry but are seemingly fine and accepting of Peter Parker dating the teen secrtary of a millionaire media mogul, having the most attractive girl in his high school hounding after him, dating the upper class and affluent daughter of an influencial police captain and also the skintight black leather/spandex clad cat burglar who had a propensity for innuendo, flirtation and frankly liked getting a little kinky. We won’t say a goddam word about any of that. But oh...a man is married to a woman who models. He must be living the dream because one of the great pursuits for all men in life is landing a hot piece of ass amirite? Nevermind how she was his best friend, how she understood his personality and how she complimented it with her own. If she’s hot it’s a fantasy. could never happen. When you deride her for being ‘a supermodel’ you demonstrate nothing more than ignorance of both Spider-Man history as well as another kind of more serious ignorance I won’t go into further right now.

  26. Al

    @#141-That makes me embarrassed to like comic books. @#142-Listen to me very carefully. He didn’t marry a supermodel. He married a person. That person’s profession happened to be in the modelling industry. After they got married she found a degree of success and became a supermodel for a period of mere months. As part of a storyline where her and her husband’s fortunes would be built up in order to come crashing down when she lost her job, they lost their money and they lost their home...on Christmas Eve. The only other time she worked in that industry seriously was when Marvel deliberately were trying to make you hate her.

  27. RDMacQ

    @#151- "Are you Kidding? She is a hot redheaded girl and Supermodel! And…. She was the teenager´s fantasy of the perfect wife. The nerdy guy with the hot party girl, actress and supermodel. She is a Juvenille fantasy." I like statements like this, because it shows how little people actually know about MJ's character and her history, and how they just focus on specific talking points rather than come up with something genuinely convincing. Case in ponit- MJ was on a supermodel for a short while. She wasn't a supermodel when Peter met her, she wasn't a supermodel when they dated, and she wasn't a supermodel when they married. And MJ wasn't any more or less attractive than someone like Gwen, who was considered equally "hot." Really, the only people who seem to focus JUST on her looks are those that are critical of her. Again, an attempt to be more "moral" rather than just come out and admit that they don't like her because they want Peter to hook up with a love interest of THEIR own choosing. Who would probably be "hotter" than MJ, just that when SHE would do it, it'd be "OK." "Both are unrealistic and both are a juvenile fantasy. But it is a Spiderman comic Book after all…" You still didn't answer the question. We're just supposed to take your word for it? Why don't you show some proof as to why we should take your word at it for face value before we accept your conclusions? An argument without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, and if you're not going to provide anything to prove your point, it's a meaningless statement couched in emotion rather than fact.

  28. cronotose

    @151 Have you bothered to listen to anyone who's a major fan of the character? Anyone who actually cared about the marriage in the first place? Was "she's hot" ever part of the conversation? Because I've heard this argument play out at least a couple dozen times and the only ones who've fixated on her appearance were those who didn't like the marriage and needed a reason to criticize her. Long term MJ fans almost never are fans because she's hot, a redhead, a party girl, or a supermodel. Question though, who exactly in the Marvel universe is Peter supposed to date that isn't attractive? Virtually everyone from middle-aged woman to Anna Maria are portrayed as gorgeous. How is this a characteristic that is getting applied to MJ like its a unique character trait in the Marvel U? If dating MJ is an unrealistic match for Peter because he's a "nerd" (even though he doesn't look or act any different from a normal guy, and hasn't since highschool), doesn't that make virtually every girl he's ever met out of his league? "Both are unrealistic and both are a juvenile fantasy. But it is a Spiderman comic Book after all…" And my point, which you've ignored again, is that one is slightly uncommon but believable (especially since she knew he was Spider-Man, that can't hurt the attraction level) while the other is comedically over the top ridiculous. Placing them on the same level is flatly absurd. Its like saying winning a few hands at a local poker game and winning the lottery are exactly as unlikely.

  29. Al

    the spam filter got me again. I'm sorry to keep asking this but can I get some help please?

  30. I.M.

    @151 - I think you're severely undervaluing the years upon years of character work that went into making Mary Jane Watson-Parker so much more than a "hot party girl, actress and supermodel." Aunt May herself had MJ pegged as wife & mother material before Peter ever met her, and under competent writers we've seen that in spades. I bring up Tom DeFalco once more for the marvelous work he did with MJ in both the main title and Spider-Girl over the years to show it. If you haven't read any of it, do yourself a favor and do so before commenting further.


    "Only because she was originally introduced as such. The appeal of the character never had much to do with her appearance." Are you Kidding? She is a hot redheaded girl and Supermodel! And.... She was the teenager´s fantasy of the perfect wife. The nerdy guy with the hot party girl, actress and supermodel. She is a Juvenille fantasy. And that´s why Kristen Dunst and Shailene Woodley are not "hot enough for the role". LOL "I can’t help but notice though that you didn’t address my issue that dating MJ is nowhere near as unrealistic a fantasy as the new Parker Industries. Do we agree there?" Both are unrealistic and both are a juvenile fantasy. But it is a Spiderman comic Book after all...

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