Happy 43rd Birthday George Berryman

GBJoin me in wishing a happy 43rd birthday to the Crawlspace’s own George Berryman. He’s a great member of this site and puts in many hours of work, but he’s an even better friend. Thank you for everything you do on the site and the podcast. 
In other related news, we just discovered today is also Dan Slott’s birthday. I had nothing to do with that. So join me in the comment to wish him a big Texas-style birthday. 

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  1. cronotose

    @9 Awww man. I wish I had Texas style birthdays. In Seattle, people don't seem to care for any of those things.

  2. Enigma_2099

    That Stegron's actually a rather handsome fella... no wonder George digs him. Happy Birthday, Bear!

  3. George Berryman

    Thanks again folks! @8 - "I’m not entirely certain what a Texas style birthday is..." Red meat, guns, whiskey and freedom. So pretty much like any other day... :cool:

  4. cronotose

    Happy Birthday Sir. I'm not entirely certain what a Texas style birthday is, but I hope you've had one. Thank you for all the excellent work.

  5. Frontier

    Happy birthday George! May Stegron turn up soon somewhere in the MU, or Spider-books, to unleash his wrath on mankind!

  6. hornacek

    Happy birthday to the creator and moderator of StegronFans.net If there was any justice Stegron would be the all-powerful villain behind Secret Wars instead of Doom. Respect the tail!

  7. AmFan15

    Man, that'ssss a great picture. Ol' George hasss never looked better! Hope your birthday wasss asss kick-asss as you (and Lord Sss-tegron) are, bud!

  8. George Berryman

    Thanks very much Brad!! Thanks Matt! :cool: This is how I want to be remembered... in all my nude, late Jurassic glory. And now we return you to the show, because the show must go on! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/-K7a-XckOt4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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