Marc Webb Comments On Rebooted Spidey

Former Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb spoke with about the upcoming SonyDisneyMarvel Spider-reboot and what it was like behind the scenes:

MaxJFWhen Sony first announced plans to reboot “Spider-Man” after the first franchise ended back in 2007, fans were skeptical — and despite how perfectly cast Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and its sequel never quite caught on the same way that those first movies did.

Now, of course, Garfield’s Parker is out and a brand new Spider-Man is on the way thanks to a deal between Marvel and Sony. But as “Amazing Spider-Man” director Marc Webb told MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con while promoting his new TV show “Limitless,” he still stands by his version of the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

“Those films were my own films,” Webb said. “They were very personal. A lot of people put a lot of effort into them — and Andrew and Emma and I, the producers worked very hard on them… it was a really rewarding experience in many ways.”

Complicating things further were the infamous Sony hacks of last December, which were “very difficult to navigate.”

“The reality is I don’t know a lot of what went on,” Webb added. “I had heard that it was gonna go back to Marvel and that made me curious to see what was going to unfold.”

Webb had no comments on the casting of Tom Holland, the hiring of new director Jon Watts or the general “OMG!” adorableness of Marisa Tomei.

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  1. Dyson

    Director Marc Webb works on the first "Spider-Man" film. Comic book fans are abuzz this week that Spider-Man will be joining Captain America, The Hulk and other Marvel superheroes on screen in the coming years.

  2. Frontier

    I think the Max pic and video are a little unnecessary, however Electro's portrayal in the movie had issues, though I can understand what he's saying. I doubt anyone going into ASM2 really intended to make a bad movie, even if intentions and designs for it got a little out of hand, and I think for all the movie's faults Webb tried to do the best he could. I'm glad that, despite the controversy over it, he's still happy with his time on Spidey.

  3. Jonathan

    I will forever respect those who worked on the ASM films. They gave me my favorite version of Spidey ever, and I loved every second of both films. I'm excited for the new MCU Sony/Marvel collaboration, but these films will forever hold a special place in my Spidey-heart.

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