New “Spidey” Series Leaked At San Diego Comic Con (UPDATED)

SpideyComicConTeaserSo as part of Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” post-Secret Wars imitative, we have heard of no less than nine different Spider-Man related titles, including Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Web Warriors, Carnage and Venom: Spaceknight. Well, it now appears we may have to add one more title to the list.

At this year’s Comic Con in San Digeo, during Marvel’s Retailers-Only panel, one Dennis L. Barger Jr. of Michigan’s Wonderworld Comics took a couple of photographs during the panel and posted them on his Facebook page.  Among them was a slide teasing a possible new series simply entitled Spidey, with the tagline reading “Before he was amazing…” No further information was given as to what specifically it’s about, or who the creative team is, but it’s presumed this new comic will take place during Spider-Man’s early years. So…another version of Untold Tales of Spider-Man with a different name, perhaps?  No doubt we’ll learn more about this during the “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” panel this Sunday. 

In any event, what do you folks think of the idea of Marvel putting out a new ongoing Spider-Man flashback title?

UPDATE: As announced at the “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Spidey will be a new ongoing series of all-ages, standalone stories of Spider-Man in High School written by Robbie Thompson.  Further details revealed in the Spider-Man News From San Diego Comic Con 2015 article on the front page.

SOURCES: Newsarama and Bleeding Cool

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  1. Ronny

    II see no harm in this. as long as its not a recon to make it that he was always an idiot. Like Slott makes him. This is what they should of done instead of change the current back to his beginnings. Just hopefully they won't see its success as means to make it the only version instead of coexistent with a progressed S-Man

  2. krankyboy

    If it's something along the lines of Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, I'll be buying it. God knows, it beats Slott writing Tony Stark 2.0 and replacement not-really-Spider-Man from Bendis.

  3. Hugo Estranho

    A Spider-Man's title taking place in Spidey early years and, probably, without Slott writing it? IT'S A DREAM BECOMING TRUE!!!!!

  4. Jonathan

    I don't think this is anything concerning. The "Spidey Super Stories" connection that has been made by some is understandable to me, and if that's what this is, then I will be fine with it. Frankly, I think a title aimed at younger kids is a good and harmless idea.

  5. RDMacQ

    @#14- I think that's probably the very reason that it's being made, come to think of it. The new film will be about a teenage Spidey, but there's going to be no teenage Spidey in the main Marvel U. And this isn't as simple as putting the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Inhumans into a new series. They'd have to deage the character, which they clearly aren't willing or prepared to do, since that would be (a) redundant with Miles being in the main universe and (b) problematic since they already tried that with BND, and they had way more success when moving away from that.

  6. Jeff Gutman

    It's obviously a younger kids title judging by the logo. Which is good because there are no Spider-Man titles I would currently let my kid read.

  7. James Deen

    This might be to do with the new movie that's coming out but good grief more teenage Spider-Man material? That's just we need why can't we have more material of Spider-Man being in his college years? No because despite the fact that Spider-Man is still a teen just older that's to boring but high school? Whipee doo no problem!

  8. Jim W.

    I realize Spider-man has always been Marvel's flagship character, but all these forthcoming titles brings to mind the wasteland of the 1990's. Diluting the character, numerous books that are really superfluous, not to mention Spidey joining various groups as well as his solo stories. WHY? Have one book with Peter and one book with Miles. That's it. Keep them distinct. Get a writer on Amazing who gives a damn and who understands Peter Parker as a character, who is the star of his own book and doesn't rely on half the Marvel Universe to bail him out.

  9. RDMacQ

    @#6- No. I'm thinking- I'm theorizing- that there is a specific reason WHY we are getting a series about a younger Peter Parker. It might be to counterbalance something going on in the books.

  10. Magnetic Eye

    Well I guess it stands to reason if they're using the same logo from yesteryear, then it may well be an all ages book. Just like Marvel Adventures, they're great books for my kids to read.

  11. Al

    I fear for this. On the one hand we have been told "This is not a reboot". And if Battleworld remains in place as it seemingly will that stands to reason and this may well just be another AU Spider-Man who's in his teen years. But...this could be part of a continuity reboot of some kind, wherein we are getting a new early years history to Spider-Man. That seems illogical to me, not merely due to a value of continuity and the creative bankrupcy of reboots, but because between Ultimate Spider-Man and Chapter One and Learning to Crawl and stuff like that it seems pointless/dangerous/like Marvel don't want to actually go ahead and tinker with the Ditko run which is one of the most acclaimed (and profitable in trades) runs of Spider-Man/Marvel/Superhero comics of all time. Hopefully this will merely be a movie tie-in. But...I'm worried. Thoughts?

  12. PeterParkerfan

    I'll buy the new 616 Spidey book If it's written by someone other than Dan Slott. Hopefully this title will be a all-ages comic book. We haven't had a good all-ages Spider-Man book since Marvel Adventures Spider-Man.

  13. Adam S.

    @1 and 2: I've noticed they're really making use of Spidey's old title logos lately. First the original "Web of Spider-Man" logo with the new Miles title and now the "Spidey Super Stories" logo with this one.

  14. cronotose

    Hey, remember when they were going to cancel all the satellite titles and just run Amazing three times a month? That was the "good news" to me out of OMD.

  15. RDMacQ

    I wonder... WHY would Marvel be putting out this book? To SPECIFICALLY focus on Peter's early years?

  16. Frontier

    Didn't we just have Learning to Crawl? Do we really need another Spider-Man prequel story about his early years?

  17. AmFan15

    Hmm...I don't know what the plan for this series is, but I can't help but notice that the font is from the old Spidey Super Stories book. (I learned to read from Spidey comics, and I vaguely remember owning this issue.)

  18. Spideymaddox

    Cool logo. Its like the logo from "Spidey super stories", the comic that helped me learn to read as a kid.

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