Denis Leary Reveals ASM3 Plot Details

Speaking to IGN, Denis Leary (who played Captain George Stacy in the Marc Webb Spider-films) revealed details for what he was told was coming for the third Amazing Spider-Man film.

Leary expressed disappointment that Webb was not allowed to finish his trilogy and that, as he understood it, the third part of the story would have dealt with Peter using “some kind of formula” that would allow him to “regenerate people in his life that had died.” Leary also described Webb as “a great actor’s director.”

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  1. Frontier

    @#14 - I'm sure that would make Ben Reilly and Kaine fans happy, if they were actually showed up, though who knows if they would've been used well. Considering this is The Clone Saga and Sony we're talking about, probably not.

  2. tickbite

    ... or it was just one big deception that would have turned out to be the Chameleon. ;-)

  3. Jonathan

    I think Marc Webb had a fantastic vision for the character. I loved how he updated Peter Parker, and I thought both of his films were excellent. I respect those who may disagree with me. It's your opinion; we are all allowed to voice our views respectfully. Personally, ASM 1 & 2 gave me my absolute favorite Spidey incarnation, more than the 616. I would have loved to have seen what Webb and his team would have done with a third film.

  4. QuilSniv

    This seems way too much like the Clone Saga for me to be invested. And I agree with @10- AI, that Leary had absolutely no idea what the heck he was talking about. Why the hell would Peter go into mad science to save his loved ones. That's the cheap way out, and the Peter Parker we know never goes the cheap way out. I take it back, if Leary isn't just shooting his mouth off, then maybe Dan Slott isn't the only guy who's ruining Spider-Man's character.

  5. Al

    I reckon Leary either was shooting his mouth off or else midunderstood what he was told. It sounds somewhat reminiscent of the 1970s Clone Saga so maybe they were gonna go there.

  6. hornacek

    @8 - Agreed. That fact that it was proposed as an idea shows that Webb really doesn't know much about the character in the comics. It'd be like Whedon saying "Hey, I've got an idea for Avengers 2 - why not have Cap deliberately kill a bunch of civilians and then deal with the consequences?" No, Cap would never do that, anyone who read any Cap comics or understood the character and his stories would know that was a stupid idea. Same with Peter inventing a way to bring people back from the dead. It's like Webb was just spinning through his rolodex of random sci-fi tropes and came up with "invents a way to bring people back to life" and thought he'd plug it into the next ASM movie, because it's a comic-book movie so why not go sci-fi?

  7. Jonathan

    Leary explicitly states that it was an idea. He never says that it was a definite decision, and there is no way to know whether or not it would've been used. I'm sure there are plenty of other ideas they had set for the first two films that were never used.

  8. hornacek

    @4 - Yeah, hopefully cooler heads would have prevailed at Sony (I can't believe I just said that) but the fact that the director of the ASM movies wanted to do this means that the guy who in charge of these movies had no clue as to what the world of Spider-Man was really about. It's like he liked the character but wanted to fit him into other sci-fi conventions (bringing back the dead through SCIENCE!) that had nothing to do with the source material. I can't blame Leary for loving it though. If you're killed off in a movie series, the one thing you want to hear is that you're coming back because (a) your character didn't really die, or (b) you're being brought back to life.

  9. cronotose

    While I agree its a terrible idea, I think its worth remembering that ASM 3 never got off the ground. It isn't as though a script was approved or even completed. While this may have been the intent of Webb and some other folks at Sony, there's more than a small chance that the final idea would have substantially changed from this.

  10. ryan3178

    I also bet the guy who killed Uncle Ben had the complete formula on him the entire time too. So, happy the series came to an end and they are rebooting now. I have said this before and I will say again: "Does anyone really read past Spider-Man books?" "Or do they just tear out pages of what they like the most and then use it?"

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