Spider-Man News From San Diego Comic Con 2015

Spider-ManDeadpool#1--CoverWhile we all had a sneak peak earlier in the week of some of the new Spider-Man related titles coming out of the “All-New, All-Different Marvel” initiative, this year’s San Diego Comic Con promised to divulge a few more details and also announce additional titles at the “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” Panel. In attendance were Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso, editors Wil Moss and Sana Amanat, and writers Chip Zdarsky and Robbie Thompson. While the panel also talked about other comics such as Howard the Duck, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Nova, Drax, and Daredevil, the Spider-Man related highlights included the following:

  • It was reiterated that the relaunched Amazing Spider-Man, written by Dan Slott with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, would find Peter Parker still the CEO of Parker Industries and that it has gone “global,” with offices not just in New York, but also in London, Shanghai and Silicon Valley. As a result of his success, Peter will develop a “cockier attitude” and Amanat added, “In Peter Parker’s world, when he gets cockier, he also messes up at the same time.” 
  • The comic would also see the return of a “different” Norman Osborn and his son, Harry. And, in keeping with Peter’s “complicated” relationships with women, the book will feature a “special [female] guest star” who “will be and important part of Peter’s life,” according to Amanat, although she wouldn’t reveal who this character was.
  • Miles Morales will take on the role of “the local Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” in Brain Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli’s Spider-Man.  Amanat explained how the comic would be “the classic Peter Parker paradigm, but told through the lens of Miles Morales.” Alonso added how very happy he was to see how much Miles has been embraced by the fans.
  • In Peter David and Will Sliney’s relaunched Spider-Man 2099 (which is scheduled for an October 14, 2015 release date), Miquel O’Hara will traveling back and forth through time, that when “he goes into the future [he] realizes things aren’t quite right.” He will be working at Parker Industries instead of Alchemax. Also, he’ll be getting “a new badass suit” as designed by Kris Anka.
  • The relaunched Spider-Woman, written by Dennis Hopeless and illustrated by Javier Rodriguez, Jessica Drew will deal with [her] biggest challenge yet — motherhood,” and the series will introduce her own version of Norman Osborn.
  • With the relaunch of Spider-Gwen, the first arc promises readers learn more about [Gwen’s] history with Peter Parker.” The series will also introduce the Spider-Gwen universe’s version of Norman Osborn.
  • Joe Kelly joined to panel to announce a new series he’ll be doing along with artist Ed McGuinness–Spider-Man/Deadpool.  Kelly said the series, which will team-up the Web-Head with “The Merc With a Mouth” was “a really long time in the making,” and that he was approached by editor Nick Lowe with “an offer I couldn’t refuse.” Kelly said both Spidey and Deadpool that “The challenge is that they’re both funny, and it’s trying to find the line between them and still give the book some weight and some gravity.” Amanat also added “Deadpool really, really loves Spider-Man, and Spider-Man can’t stand Deadpool.”
  • Robbie Thompson then talked about his upcoming Venom: Spaceknight series, and that it will feature Flash Thompson’s outer-space adventures when he’s not with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thompson describes this as a “second chance to be a hero,” and that along the way he’ll meet “some familiar people.”
  • Gerry Conway and Mike Perkin’s Carnage series was described by Amanat as “Tomb of Dracula meets Spider-Man.” She also briefly talked about Web Warriors, the team-up comic featuring Spider-UK, Spider-Gwen, Anya Corazon, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man India and Spider-Ham
  • Later, the subject of Thompson other comic, Silk (illustrated by Stacey Lee) was brought up, and that Silk “is back, and she’s bad, question mark?” Thompson, however, reassured the audience (one of whom was cosplaying as Silk) that “It’s not what you think,” and thanked them for the support.
  • The new Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 costumes will be introduced to the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game, along with ten new characters from Spider-Island.
  • During the audience Q&A, it was asked whether or not Peter had forgotten about Googling Miles at the end of Spider-Men. Alonso answered by saying “Brain [Michael Bendis] hasn’t forgotten.” There was also concern that, by being brought to the Marvel Universe, Miles would lose what makes him special. Alonso reassured that they “have it covered,” and that “We’ve had this planned for a long time. We knew Secret Wars was gonna be the thing that let us bring Miles to the Marvel Universe and keep him intact.” Moss chimed in by adding, “Nobody cares about that character more than [Bendis].” Amanat also explained that Secret Wars would not change the characters on a fundamental level, that they would be “the same characters that readers grew up with.”
  • Asked about the “Where is Spider-Man?” headlines in the Web Warriors #1 cover, the panel wouldn’t disclose what this meant.
  • A question was asked about the possible return of Ben Reilly, Kaine and Eddie Brock, which apparently received applause from the audience. Alonso, however, stated there were no plans with any of those characters.
  • Asked about the future of Ultimate Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, Alonso said that the Ultimate Universe was gone, that the Ultimate Peter Parker died along time ago, and that “That’s the way it goes.”
  • Kelly, when asked who the “straight man” was in Spider-Man/Deadpool, responded that it’s “fluid,” and that the goal is “to to mess with your heads as much as possible.”
  • Amanat explained that Spider-Gwen would continue to stay in her own universe.
  • A question was asked about Spidey, the comic which was revealed at yesterday’s “Retailers-Only” panel. Amanat revealed the new series is a new, all-ages series taking place during Peter Parker’s high school years, and will be written by Thompson. Thompson then explained how it would all be stand-alone issues told in the “classic Marvel mold,” comparing it to the 1990s series Untold Tales of Spider-Man. When asked if the stories were in-continuity, Amanat answered “I believe so,” with Alonso saying the series is designed to be “an entry level book that is friendly to young kids but isn’t creaky or dated.”
  • Asked about Mary Jane’s status after Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Alonso answered by saying to finish the series, with Moss stating “Mary Jane is going to show up in an unexpected, fun place post Secret Wars.”
  • As for whether or not characters such as Miles Morales or the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, would ever make it to the movies, Alonso stated how he’d love to see a Miles Morales Spider-Man film, but that the publishing wing has no control over the the movies. Kamala Khan, however, would appear in the Avengers Assemble cartoon next spring.
  • Humberto Ramos, who had joined the panel earlier while it was underway, explained how he was leaving Amazing Spider-Man to draw the upcoming Extraordinary X-Men written by Jeff Lemire. When asked what his favorite issues were, Ramos said Amazing Spider-Man #700 and the relaunched Amazing Spider-Man #1. Ramos finished by saying “I’ll be back on Spider-Man at some point, but for the time being, I wanted to say thanks to you guys,”

SOURCES: Newsarama and Comic Book Resources

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(40) Comments

  1. Will

    So they had plans for Kaine to play a big part, but now nothing for him... "Ultimate Peter Parker died a long time ago" Ummm behind the times much Alonzo? Different Norman in ASM and both Spider-Women are getting their "own version" of Norman...Norma Osborn from Ultimate cartoon?

  2. Evan

    I have absolutely no interest reading about a "cocky" Peter. He's learned that lesson time and time again. This makes me sad. I much prefer underdog, everyman Peter.

  3. Sano

    What more is going to be said in the House of M universe that only exists for a few weeks at best? Looks like dating to me.

  4. Al

    @#34: They weren't dating. They attended a red carpet event arm in arm. Nothing more was said though.

  5. PeterParkerfan

    I'm gonna get the new all-ages "Spidey" series and the Spider-Man/Deadpool series too. As for ASM, I hate the idea of a Peter becoming cocky again. Peter of all people should KNOW that being cocky is never a good thing. Doesn't he remeember that his cockiness was the reason uncle Ben died? His character development over course of the series will be gone.... Oh wait, it already happened when Peter made a that stupid deal with Mephisto. Dang it Marvel, why do you hate Ultimate Peter Parker so much? Oh whatever, it's not like the replacement character Miles is gonna sell just 'cause he's in 616.

  6. Sano

    Spider-Man 2099 working at Parker Industries which means I'll be reminded of Peter Parker being Iron Man = Another dropped book. Well Marvel, it's been a fun 28 years. Looks like Secret Wars is the perfect jumping off point. Someone let me know when Marvel stops smoking crack and I'll be back. BTW, Bendis actually did have Iron Man dating MJ in House of M. Don't know if that's the plan this time but it is something he's done before.

  7. Stillanerd - Post author

    Here's another idea I came across on the CBR forums as to who the “special [female] guest star” who “will be and important part of Peter’s life." It could be Jennifer Walter/She-Hulk. Which, if you think about it, would make a lot of sense. First, a company as big as Parker Industries is going to need legal representation, and considering how Matt Murdock/Daredevil will be working for the New York District Attorney's office come the "All-New. All Different Marvel" relaunch, She-Hulk is the only other prominent lawyer superhero Spidey could team-up with. Not to mention it allows Dan Slott to write She-Hulk again.

  8. loadmaster69

    I'm all for a Spidey & Deadpool comic, but what the heck is this crap about Pete can't stand him. Pete and Wade became friends in a Deadpool comic. I can't remember if it was the Deadpool annual or a one shot. They were hanging out at the end and fist bumping. I guess this goes with the new "cockier" attitude crap. Meh hopefully the new movie won't suck.

  9. James Deen

    So no Peter Parker married with MJ then how sad well just another reason for Marvel to not care about Spider-man and focus all their attention on those jackass characters known as the Avengers and the X-Men as well as the other spider people like shit stacy and bitchy cindy moon.

  10. Jason

    I am likely to give the new ASM title a chance, but I'm teetering on the wall right now. I have no interest in Spider Gwen nor Web Warriors. None of these characters appeal to me. I've never read Miles Morales as the Ultimate Spider-Man and really have no interest in reading the replacement Peter Parker. The new Venom series? Nope. I like Venom as a villain, on Earth. I'll likely give the Carnage series a try. As for the Spidey flashback book? I may get the trade paperbacks, much like when I picked up the Untold Tales omnibus. I'm loving a little Spidey/Deadpool action and could very well be an addition to my pull list.

  11. ryan3178

    Yeah, I'm with everyone on this. It is the new 90s, Slott is in full fanfic mode on Spider-Man. Only Kelly's and Bendis's books are ones I would care about. We are in Spider-Man overload like it was with the X-books for several years. Then they trim it all down, wait about 5 years and then flood the market with spin off titles galore. Nothing changes.

  12. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    I see Marvel are continuing their quantity over quality schtick. Nothing's changed. I'm just waiting on the sneak announcement of Spider-Man Chapter Two by Dan Slott. Then his failure will be complete. " #2 George Berryman says: July 12th, 2015 at 5:30 pm ASM is wholly given over to Dan Slott’s particular brand of fanfic now. A great window was missed to bring in new blood and I now fear that ASM is not going to resemble anything we know for years to come." Yes, Fanfic indeed! "#10 Hugo Estranho says: July 12th, 2015 at 7:40 pm We’re living the new ’90s." Yes, that certainly seems to be the case now.

  13. Phantom Roxas

    Ramos leaving Amazing Spider-Man for Extraordinary X-Men is nice. While I'm still waiting for Slott to leave, with Ramos being one of Slott's regular artists, it's nice to see at least SOMEONE from his crew gone. Though now I pity the poor X-Men fans who have to see his art. I guess the next step would be ensuring that Slott can't use Gage to help him out on stories too much anymore.

  14. Captain Frugal

    @#2- As much as I would like to disagree with you I fear you are right. It seems the current staff just don't understand the character or they want to change the character to who they want it to be. Overall I am very sad with the direction Marvel has been taking and for the first time in over 20+ years I have no Marvel subscriptions.

  15. cronotose

    "return of a “different” Norman Osborn" Is this a metaphor? As in, since the conclusion of Goblin nation, Normon is a "new man", or is it literal, as in, this is a Normon from another universe dropped here from battleworld?

  16. Jason

    I like the idea of a Spider-Man/Deadpool comic. Although I've never collected Deadpool comics, I find his humor akin to Peter's. How is an untold Spider-Man relaunch "in continuity?"

  17. Al

    Spider-Man will develop a cockier attitude which will bite him in the ass...thus showing little growth/further regression from when he was a teenager and young man in the Lee/Ditko/Romita run. @#4: Let’s wait until the ships fall. If they aren’t shown as dead and the ult universe lives on somehow we culd argue they are okay. The word of the creators isn’t God. In this very statement we are told Spider-Gwen would have her own universe but Latour claims that she both will and won’t. Lets see whats int he strips themselves first. BUT if they are dead again, further proof of their anti-MJ/anti-marriage bullshit. In Spider-Verse they either killed off virtually every version of Peter who was in a relationship with MJ or else AU MJ’s herself. Topped off lovingly with Spider Woman punching Mary Jane in her most significant appearance in Spider-Verse itself. My theory? RYV MJ dies and 616 MJ goes to live in the RYV world filling in for her. @#7: There is a difference between confident and cocky. One can be confident and competent without letting it go to one’s head. @#8: I fucking FEAR for that to happen. It wouldn’t make sense and would go against Bendis’ pro-Peter/MJ stance. But then when has that stopped Marvel before. My theory is that it will be Angela from Image/Guardians of the Galaxy whom Bendis has been writing I wouldn’t mind Annie coming to 616 Earth except we know she will die or else go away because youth and shit @#10: That’s an insult to the old 90s On the whole MJ dating Iron Man thing. Bendis likes Peter/MJ as a ship. MJ is younger than Tony who less that 10 years ago was portrayaed as a ‘father figure’ to Spider-Man who was written as older than he is now, with MJ being his contemporary. My point is by Marvel’s own logic MJ would be too young. More than this though if the logic is that MJ can’t date Peter due to the danger and pressures of a superhero life, then why is she dating Iron Man who has a public identity and circa ASM volume 4 will be very similar to Peter Parker anyway? Bendis claimed that the red head will be someone new who’s never been in Iron Man and whilst I don’t know if MJ has ever showed up there or if she has Bendis has forgotten Angela from Image Comics whom Bendis has written DEFINITLY wouldn’t have been in Iron Man. And she makes more sense as well.

  18. NGF54

    @RDMacQ Is MJ meeting Miles Morales still possible? > Daredevil's new sidekick is Samuel Cheung > Nova will star Sam Alexander and his father. RIP Richard Rider. These have been overlooked by general comic book fans. > Spider-Island What Spider-Island? The Secret Wars tie-in? > “Tomb of Dracula meets Spider-Man.” Will Carnage occasionally save innocent people?

  19. RDMacQ

    @#8- AND MJ is supposed to show up in an "unexpected, fun place." Which kind of implies she's NOT going to be showing up in ASM. At the very least, NOT as a main character. Especially since the female character that is meant to be important is billed as a "guest star." Which kind of implies that- while she'll be important- she WON'T be a main character in the narrative.

  20. Adam S.

    My last comment got caught in the spam filter. If a mod could retrieve it, I'd appreciate it.

  21. Sean

    Well, at least 2099 will hopefully be good though if he's at Parker Industries does that mean the whole plotline with turning Tiberious Stone around as a person has been dropped? Cockier Peter? Why would I want to read that? Peter was already being unlikable as of late largely because he felt like such an idiot and now he's going to have some kind of attitude? It's just astounding how little Slott seems to understand why people like the character and why it has endured for so long. The line about MJ fills me with nothing but dread and I truly hope she's not in the Iron Man book. She has no place being there at all. Although now I've got this image in my head of them eventually doing a marriage plotline and they have a cover in reference to the issue she married Peter, but with Tony and Iron Man replacing Peter and Spidey. Getting ahead of myself there though.

  22. cronotose

    Well, I'll be the first to say the pairing makes no sense, but since Kelly is my favorite Deadpool writer I am super excited anyway.

  23. Adam S.

    Also, while I'm thinking about it, here are some things that I thought were pretty notable from the panel that weren't covered in either article: When Ben Reilly came up (this question was asked by a young kid and did receive a lot of applause), Alonso said something about how Marvel does think about what to do with the character and that they do like him. After mentioning ASM #700 and ASM Vol. 3 #1, Ramos talked for a long while about how "Death in the Family" from Peter Parker: Spider-Man is one of his favorite stories that he's ever done. He said something along the lines of how it reminded him of the Spider-Man stories he read while growing up.

  24. Adam S.

    I was the one who asked about Mary Jane's future. I started to wonder if she really will be in Iron Man now. Here's a stupid theory: Peter is actually the new Iron Man and Tony Stark is the new Spider-Man (lol). @13: One thing that I've noticed about the new 2099 costume is that the eyes on the mask are really slim and squinty-looking. It's not a big change but I don't think it looks as good as the original. The chest spider design is also a bit underwhelming compared to the original.

  25. Frontier

    I'm not even sure why they had Anka redesign 2099's suit. He basically just changed the coloring scheme and, apparently, removed the cape (which I actually quite liked) rather than really changing the design. I don't notice anything else different.

  26. Enigma_2099

    (The new Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 costumes will be introduced to the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game, along with ten new characters from Spider-Island.) ... my god.... that WAS Miguel's new costume!!!! I feel ill.. .. and I don't care about any of this stuff.

  27. Frontier

    @#8 - Yeah, that's pretty much what I guess would happen, which also somewhat confirms my theory that Silk will be where we'll be seeing Black Cat post-Secret War (Catpin or otherwise). If she's genuinely going undercover, then I assume that means the proper authorities and the other Spiders know what she's doing, which means her secret identity and public life is safe and she doesn't run the risk of a criminal record. Which is good :).

  28. ryan3178

    I waited 18 years for Joe Keilly and Ed McGuiness to do Spider-Man and Deadpool, it's going to be a regular series and I left comics. I never win. As for the all-ages high school Peter Parker done in one stories. Can I submit my story from 20 years ago that dealt with Peter and Uncle Ben's old golden age comics.

  29. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#6 QuilSniv -- <blockquote>When they say MJ will be in a fun place post-secret wars, it’s code for “On the sidelines with nothing to do with Peter’s life. That’s where we’ve had her since OMD, it’s obviously incredibly popular!”</blockquote> Well, one of theories I've seen floated out there is that Mary Jane is going become Tony Stark's new girlfriend in Bendis' Invincible Iron Man, based on how it's been teased there will be a new redhead in Tony's life. <blockquote>And that new female guest star who will be an important part of Peter’s life? Gonna use my psychic powers here…. ah, crap, it’s Mary Sue! No wait, it’s Carlie Cooper and Anna Maria. Oh, wait, aren’t all three of those the same thing now? In other words, don’t know and don’t care.</blockquote> My wild, out-there and perhaps 100% wrong guess? It's Annie May Parker from Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, somehow brought into the "All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe" a la Miles Morales, Old Man Logan, etc. After all, the idea of Peter and MJ's daughter from an alternate reality would make Peter and MJ's life "complicated" and Annie would fit the bill as being "an important part of Peter's life." @#7 Frontier <blockquote>Really curious about what Thompson means about it not being what we think… I wonder if Silk doesn’t actually turn to crime or it’s all one big ruse/illusion? Maybe the cover isn’t that indicative as to what Cindy actually does? Thompson says it’ll be fun though, so I’m looking forward to it .</blockquote> I'm guessing that Silk goes undercover and pretends to be a super-villain to bring down other super-villains. One thing which was not apparently discussed on the Comic Con panel, but was mentioned in Marvel.com's "This Week in Marvel," she, according to Nick Lowe will be "working with Black Cat on the wrong side of the law." Scroll to about the 36:34 mark: http://marvel.com/files/podcasts/mcom_this_week_marvel_allnewspecial.mp3

  30. Frontier

    So 2099 will be balancing between the present and the future? Cool. That way we can have the classic plotlines in 2099 continued as well as the present-day plotlines. Interesting that Miguel is working with Parker Industries now. I wonder what happened with Alchemax and Liz? Maybe joining Parker Industries is a means to prevent Alchemax from inciting the Maestro's timeline? "Cocky" Peter, and complicated relationships with women does not stir up a lot of optimism for the new run, even if I've been wanting a more confident Peter in 616 for a while now. Definitely curious about this surprise female character though and what the plan is for Norman. I guess Alonso forgot Bendis brought back Peter in the last Miles volume, huh? Then again, I guess he and MJ are dead now thanks to Secret War, but I doubt that was what he was referring too. I was wondering when we were going to get to the Spider-Gwen version of Osborn. Definitely interested to see how close, or different, he is to the 616 version and how much he'll be an antagonist for Gwen. I wonder if we'll see him before, or after, the flashback arc that it looks like they're doing post-Secret War? Really curious about what Thompson means about it not being what we think... I wonder if Silk doesn't actually turn to crime or it's all one big ruse/illusion? Maybe the cover isn't that indicative as to what Cindy actually does? Thompson says it'll be fun though, so I'm looking forward to it . So Spidey is a new all-ages title about Peter's high school days, by Robbie Thompson? That sounds like it could be good, though if it's in-continuity, I wonder how much they can actually do in it? The statement about MJ is curious, and not every hopeful as to her appearing in the new ASM book, so I wonder what this "fun" book is that she'll be turning up in?

  31. QuilSniv

    Come on, I can go onto Fanfiction and read better stories than what Dan's churning out here. I'm reading this comic to read a down-on-his-luck guy who has a devoted family behind him, not play as Iron Man 2.0 in Silicon Valley. Ah, well. At least some people here will be happy Humberto Ramos is leaving and taking up X-Men. Two more things: When they say MJ will be in a fun place post-secret wars, it's code for "On the sidelines with nothing to do with Peter's life. That's where we've had her since OMD, it's obviously incredibly popular!" And that new female guest star who will be an important part of Peter's life? Gonna use my psychic powers here.... ah, crap, it's Mary Sue! No wait, it's Carlie Cooper and Anna Maria. Oh, wait, aren't all three of those the same thing now? In other words, don't know and don't care.

  32. Hugo Estranho

    "As a result of his success, Peter will develop a “cockier attitude”" Now Peter Parker will be THE Iron Man, even in personality.

  33. packersjames90

    So Peter's going to be an cocky ass? Wow sounds like Dan found away to write Spock after all. Ultimate Peter and MJ are confirmed dead, cause as we all now they (any Peter and MJ) cant just live happily ever after together. Cause they need to reinforce the whole Maphisto line about how Peter is "destined to be alone in every time line" and those comments about continue reading RYV for why there's no on going for that world. Makes be believe my fears are true and it going end with someone dying, and/or the marriage falls apart.

  34. Hugo Estranho

    I can't wait to see this new Spider-Man title. Thompson wrote and develop the Silk's character very well and made her more than a generic Spider-Man 2.0 that Dan Slott wrote, but a a character with certain weaknesses, but a strong personality. If he do a good job in this title, he could even became The Amazing Spider-Man's new writer.

  35. George Berryman

    @1 - ASM is wholly given over to Dan Slott's particular brand of fanfic now. A great window was missed to bring in new blood and I now fear that ASM is not going to resemble anything we know for years to come.

  36. Captain Frugal

    Is it too much to ask to just have the real Peter in character back in ASM? I would rather have that than 50 different books with the hopes of getting our classic hero.

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