A Special Announcement From “Spectacular Mike,” a.k.a. Stillanerd

stillanerdGreetings Crawlspacers,

As my fellow Spidey-fans well know, I’ve been a member of the Spider-Man Crawlspace for several years now. Some of you may even remember me from my occasional posts on the Comic Book Resources and Superhero Hype Forums. Since that time, I’ve become the regular reviewer for The Amazing Spider-Man and the occasional Spider-Man related comics, as well as a frequent contributor to the Crawlspace’s Home Page. And, based on the responses I’ve receive from my reviews, opinions, and other articles, you’ve enjoyed them just as much I have in writing them. Little did I realize, however, just how much attention my meager ramblings would attract.

Earlier this week, I was contracted by an editorial representative from FanSided.com, a network of a wide variety of websites covering sports, lifestyle and entertainment, including movies, television, video games and comics. They are also an affiliation of Time Inc., the publisher of such magazines which includes Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, People and Entertainment Weekly. It seems the folks at FanSided have been reading my work here at the Crawlspace and, needless to say, they were very impressed. So impressed that they’ve offered me a job.

If all goes well, starting this Monday or sometime next week, I will be the new Co-Editor for FanSided’s Spider-Man related news and rumors website, Whatever A Spider Can.

While this would potentially be a significant career opportunity, it also means I would be under contract to only write news, reviews and editorials for FanSided and Whatever A Spider Can. Which, unfortunately, also means I could no longer contribute articles to the Spider-Man Crawlspace.

But before any of you start to get your handkerchiefs out, there is good news. Even though I would be under contract to produce content for FanSided, this only applies to written content and would not prohibit my podcasting duties. Which means I will continue to be a regular panelist on The Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast. It’s just that Brad would have to introduce me under a new job description, and I’d technically be a recurring guest panelist. So in this regard, I will still be here, lurking about from time to time.

I wish to thank the Crawlspace staff, especially Brad Douglas, J.R. Fettinger, George Berryman, Michael Bailey, Zach “Spideydude” Joiner, and Ashley Stapleton. You have all been more than supportive and encouraging throughout, and for welcoming me into the Crawlspace family. George and Brad deserve special thanks because they were the ones who convinced me to become a reviewer and contributor to the Crawlspace in the first place, so I will always be grateful for giving me such confidence. I’d also like to thank the folks at Marvel, including Dan Slott, since it was their comics I was reviewing and critiquing, which I will continue to do at Whatever a Spider Can in my own unique, crazy way.

And finally, I would like to thank you, my fellow Crawlspacers and loyal readers for all the support you have given me. You are what make this website possible. You are the ones who inspire me and all the other great contributors to the Spider-Man Crawlspace. You are the ones I write for and will continue write for and be an advocate for. No matter what the future holds, all of you will hold a special place in my heart. Make no mistake, this is not a good-bye. This is a slight change, and sometimes change can indeed be good.

This is Mike McNulty, and I am, and always will be, Still A Nerd. See you on the podcast!

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  1. Tijean

    Congratulations. You'll be missed on the front page here but this is just reward and a great opportunity brought about by all your good work here.

  2. Captain Frugal

    #31-Yes, he will have other places to complain about now when they give honest reviews, unlike the advertisement sites pretending to be review sites.

  3. Captain Frugal

    Stillanerd you will be missed I loved your work, but I hope you continue to contribute to the podcast! May I suggest getting a replacement for the reviews such as Douglas Ernst or Magnetic Eye, I think they would fill the void well. Congrats and I am sure you have earned it!

  4. Chase The Blues Away

    This news probably ruined Dan Slott's day, judging by how he likes to take personal potshots at you on CBR, which means this news absolutely positively made mine. Congrats!!!

  5. Evan

    Congratulations, Mike! You deserve every success! Thank you for all of your excellent reviews, opinions, and entertainment. You will be missed!

  6. Frontier

    Congratulations Mike! This is really awesome, and to be expected from the caliber of your reviews, with their penchant for detail, humor, honesty, and the well-thought out opinions behind them. Not to mention a good understanding of Spider-Man's history. You totally deserve this kind of success, and I'll for sure be checking out your reviews on the site Stillanerd! Though it is sad that you'll be leaving the Crawlspace, at least as far as comic reviews go. It won't feel the same without having your ASM reviews, with their great perspectives and nerdy nitpicks. They're part of what really got me into the Crawlspace, and I always looked forward to reading them on the site for each new issue. I was especially looking forward to reading them for the relaunch, since I had no intention of picking it up. But I wish you nothing but success in your new outlet, and look forward to still hearing you on the podcast! Though, if it's alright to ask, are there any specific plans for who will take over reviewing ASM?

  7. PeterParkerfan

    Congrats stillanerd! I'm gonna miss your crawlspace reviews.... but hey, at least you're continuing the podcasts. Best of luck for your new job. Hope everything turns out well.

  8. QuilSniv

    I blow my bosun's whistle to you, Mike. You have contributed so much here, and I send you my best wishes towards your new place of work!

  9. Phantom Roxas

    Congratulations! Trust me, Mike, you've earned it. Your reviews have always been a pleasure to read, and you're always fun to see around forums. I've never visited Whatever A Spider Can, but I'm sure they're lucky to have you.

  10. Stillanerd - Post author

    Thanks again for kind words of support everybody. :) @#16 and #17 AHunter -- Oh, not to worry, my good main. I'll still be dong reviews, Nerdy Nitpicks and all, at Whatever A Spider Can. That's the reason I got the new gig, after all. Although, I may have to a give minor name change to "Nerdy Nitpicks," perhaps by just putting "Stillanerd" in front of them. ;) @#18 Magnetic Eye -- Thanks, Magnetic Eye. And I'll continue to keep it real and honest, too. @#19 AmFan15 -- Indeed, AmFan15. I'll always have fond memories of the Italian Spiderman vs. Grizzly Fight Club fight. And Italian Spiderman still should have won by the way! :D But in all seriousness, that Fight Club was a lot of fun. @#20 xonathan -- Yeah, one of the writers on the site has been reviewing Secret Wars at least up to issue #3. However, I'm not sure yet what the status of those reviews are as of yet. So, we will see how it goes. In any case, thanks for compliment about my Secret Wars reviews, xonathan. @#21 Jason -- Not on the home page, Jason, since this is Brad's site. However, I'm sure that once I get settled into Whatever A Spider Can, I'll likely have my username contain a link to my Author's page showing my latest article. Just like how Chasing Amazing posted in the comments section and there were links towards his site. @#22 tickbite -- Yeah, I saw that pop up where they didn't spell Spider-Man with a hyphen, so I'll try to bring it to their attention. And yes, I'll ask them about feeds, though they are on Twitter and Google+

  11. tickbite

    Congratulations, stillanerd. We'll miss your insightful articles here. Now, if you can get them to spell Spiderman with a dash in their website title and get a proper feed going so I can follow your articles on feedly, I'll be alright.

  12. xonathan

    Congrats Mike! Unfortunately this means no more Secret Wars reviews and your reviews were the only one that made sense from the whole Internet. They will be missed

  13. AmFan15

    Congrats, Stillanerd! To think, I've known you since way back when you were a fellow Fight Clubber, then you became President of Delta House, and finally as a podcast member...and now you're moving onward and upward, making a living on your own. ...sniff...they grow up so fast!

  14. AHunter

    Continued from, #16 Not that I'm calling Crawlspace a light weight, not at all, I consider Crawlspace one the, if not the go to place to get honest reviews. And I found yours to be the most honest.

  15. AHunter

    Again, CONGRATS on the the job Mike. But something occurred to me, while I LOVE everything that Crawlspace does from the reviews, to the podcasts. I'll certainly miss your reviews especially your Nerdy Nitpicks, I'll miss them most of all, unless you'll be carrying on at you your new job, in which case, expect me to turn up there. What occurred to me, is with your reviews being part of this big organisation that has connections all over, wouldn't your reviews have a more weight behind them.

  16. Stillanerd - Post author

    Thanks, guys! :) And hornacek, if this is indeed a nefarious plot by the folks at <a href="http://www.spidermancrawlspace.com/2014/08/02/podcast-317-q-a-rare-spidey-elastictheme-of-spider-man-loyal-marvel/" rel="nofollow">StegronFans.Net</a> especially if they start asking for personal info like credit card or bank account numbers, then I'll come on them like a fiery meteor! ;)

  17. ryan3178

    First of all, congrats Mike, what an amazing opportunity. Second of all, will miss you on the front page here but very happy to hear you will still be part of the podcast. Godspeed and enjoy.

  18. George Berryman

    @8 - "Could the moderators at StegronFans.net be catfishing you to get back at you?" I spoke with Jeff at <a href="http://www.spidermancrawlspace.com/2014/08/02/podcast-317-q-a-rare-spidey-elastictheme-of-spider-man-loyal-marvel/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">StegronFans.net</a> and he assured me this is not part of an elaborate scheme. He spoke for everyone at <a href="http://www.spidermancrawlspace.com/2014/08/02/podcast-317-q-a-rare-spidey-elastictheme-of-spider-man-loyal-marvel/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">StegronFans.net</a> in congratulating Mike on the news. So yeah... probably a scheme by <a href="http://www.spidermancrawlspace.com/2014/08/02/podcast-317-q-a-rare-spidey-elastictheme-of-spider-man-loyal-marvel/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">StegronFans.net</a>. :cool:

  19. hornacek

    Congratulations Mike, well done. But are we sure this is on the level? Could the moderators at StegronFans.net be catfishing you to get back at you?

  20. Tommy

    Wow. This is incredible news!! Congratulations, Mr. McNulty, and may this be just the beginning of goods things coming your way. Excelsior!

  21. Mr_Fig

    Congrats! I remember first seeing you on the forums for SHH! years ago then realized you were the same user here too. Hope all goes for your new job!

  22. Stuart Green

    Congratulations, Stillanerd. I wish you nothing but the best, Mr. McNulty, and I hope you have a great day, as well as a great, safe weekend.

  23. George Berryman

    We're all happy for Mike and we're glad he'll still be around for the podcast, though we will miss him from the front page. Best of luck as an editor, Spectacular Mike! :)

  24. AHunter

    May I offer my high congratulations and wish you all the success in what is undoubtedly a big step for you.

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