Action Figure Round Up: SDCC News, photos, and commentary

Gwen2SPIDER CARNAGEThe 2016 wave of Spider-Man Marvel Legend action figures were announced at Comic Con International in San Diego Last Friday at the morning Hasbro breakfast function. They are going to be released in the spring of 2016 (likely April, if the schedule holds out like it did this year.) The entire wave was teased back in June, via some leaks at the retail level, but we here at Crawl Space didn’t want to discuss things until we heard for sure from a reputable source.
While there were reveals during the breakfast, there were more surprises in store. I’ll first talk about what was revealed at the breakfast:

The wave is as follows:
Speed Demon (With Superior Foes Silvermane head!)
The Beatle (Superior Foes)
Venom (McFarlane era 
head sculpt)
Spider-Ben (!!!!!!!)
Morbius (I know a certain fan of his that will likely get THAT one. No sharks were included however)
and the Build a Figure is…
Absorbing Man!
Judging by the first looks, the Venom is a straight representation of Brock before the tongue. To me, this is the best version of the character, since he still looks menacing while not being ridiculous. I like it a lot. When the leaks first came about, I asked Kevin if he was excited. He told me as long as it wasn’t the stupid hoodie version of Morbius, he’d be fine with it. Instead we got the 1970s version, which rocks.
I absolutely love that the Superior Foes continue to be featured. From Boomerang in last years wave, to Beatle and Speed Demon, you know that it’s well done. Now, for an Overdrive (O…M…G… I can’t believe those words were just typed) and Shocker.
Spider-Gwen looks good. I loved the first appearance, but I’ve been bummed that the magic that was that issue wasn’t carried over to the ongoing; however, I am excited for her to been seen in this particular iteration.

Which brings me to Spider-Ben.
Ben looks really, really nice. The lines look clean, but my quibble is the hands are almost correct. The middle fingers are supposed to be blue, but otherwise, I love this. The other downside is no interchangeable hands. While disheartening, I’ll take what I can get. He looks good, and I like they went off the previous ASM Comic sculpt.
Absorbing Man doesn’t excite me all that much, but that’s okay.

I began this post originally the day the wave was first announced. I had no idea what the weekend would hold in store in for me: I wasn’t really expecting this, but it looks like there will be Spider-CARNAGE accessories for Ben. Like, Spider-Carnage head, and Hands. HOLY AMAZE BALLS SPIDER-MAN! (Why would I yell Batman? I mean, it’s a Spidey-Site right?) Seriously, it looks awesome.

Also among the announcements is an alternate Venom Head, with the tongue, While Gwen might have also an alternate head. (looks like it was unfinished at San Diego.)


Images from Action Figure Fury


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  1. AmFan15

    On the one hand, it's been a long time since I've bought an action figure...$15-20 is just too much to spend on one, IMO. But on the other hand, Speed Demon is carrying the head of Silvermane...SOLD!!!

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