Thief Steals $1400 in Comic Books

Who knew Civil War variants were worth so much?Also I think the condition of the books went down after he stuffed the books down his pants.

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  1. Jason

    I'd be surprised if the owner didn't have more employees to make sure nothing was stolen. There's a shop in Fair Lawn, NJ - The Joker's Child - which is a pretty sizable shop. Besides one of the owners behind the counter, at any time they usually have two people on the floor. If one of them goes in the back to check stock on a back issue, they have to announce they're leaving the floor. I was once scolded for taking a back issue out of the bag/board because they were afraid the tape would get stuck to the comic.

  2. ryan3178

    I read a story once where a mother was getting a garage sale ready to sell off old stuff from her house. She ended up putting out a box of comics with a list of what was inside them. Person, saw the list and then grabbed the box and took off with it in their car. Was later revealed they comics were worth over $6,000. They originally belong to a cousin who was told to get rid of the comics and they passed them on to the woman's boys. However, they never got into comics and didn't know how much they were worth so they told their mother to sell them. I'm sure they are all kicking themselves now especially when the thief took off with them. I am surprised this owner didn't have those comics in a better place or didn't notice they were being grabbed. If it was a different employee who was busy with something else and had his back turned, then I can see that happening. Many don't understand how valuable these comics or related merchandise is. There was also the talk of a theft of Amazing Spider-Man #3 after Spider-Man 2 came out (first appearance of Doc Ock). Guy was caught for selling the book on EBay after it had garnered almost 2K in bids.

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