Podcast # 377-Nine Spider-Satellite Reviews

Podcast377picWe wrap up our long two part Spider-Satellite reviews. Here are the reviews we tackle in this episode.
Spider-Verse # 1 reviewed by Zach

Ultimate End # 1-reviewed by Brad
Secret Wars 2099 # 1-reviewed by Brad
Spider-Gwen # 2, # 3, #4-reviewed by Ashley
Silk #2, #3, #4-reviewed by Ashley
Free Comic Book Day All New Avengers # 1-reviewed by Zach


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(10) Comments

  1. Captain Frutal

    This came due to your fun comments! https://twitter.com/CaptainFrugal/status/623472652049584128

  2. Will

    George did you see the latest episode of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon? I think it was one of the better ones so far and it also had NO chibis! I immediately thought of you on that second item when I noticed that...

  3. Captain Frugal

    I know the feeling George, the All-Different Marvel thing has been pushing me away more than reeling me in. This is the first time in over 20 years that I do not have a Marvel book on my pull list. On a side note it has gotten me to test the water more in DC...I am sure that is not what Marvel wanted.

  4. DCMarvelFanGuy

    @4- You haven't been reading Ant-Man by Nick Spencer? It's a very enjoyable series. It even has a familliar face or two from his Superior Foes run.

  5. George Berryman

    @3 - I will give All-New, All-Different, All-#1, All-Extreme, All-Lumberjack Strange an honest go. Nothing I have read from Marvel's press releases or ad-interviews on other sites instills confidence. My guess is I will pick up the first one, read it, go "Yeah, this wildly missed the mark, as I expected" and then drop it like a hot rock. No one wants to be more wrong on that than I am but it's Marvel and so my expectations are nil.

  6. cronotose

    So down to ASM and 2099 George? Nothing else Marvel? This means you won't be following the adventures of Doctor Strange, Axeman Supreme?

  7. George Berryman

    @1 - "Sorry to hear that George is cutting back on the podcast" Well it turned out to be a bit premature, didn't it? Not long after we recorded this they announced that Secret Avengers 2099 or whatever would give way to yet another Spider-Man 2099 #1. So because of that I will eventually be part of the satellite podcast again, later this year. I wasted my Brinkley Moment! <i>Perfecto. Rah.<i> :cool:

  8. AmFan15

    Sorry to hear that George is cutting back on the podcast, but I fully understand. Man, what an awful, AWFUL time for comics. I don't know whether to salute you guys for your tenacity...or pity you, for having to spend time and money on this crap. I always love hearing that story about George sending those misprinted comics pages back to Marvel...Thus beginning the great Berryman/Wacker feud. Regarding the Fantastic Four poop conversation: Well, it's finally happened...Marvel has driven Brad completely bat-shit insane. (Actually, I guess that would be if Batman pooped though.) Oh, and don't worry George, I got your back...I remember Perfecto Prep too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn10SOgPNvA

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