Podcast # 378-ASM Renew Your Vows # 2 and ASM 19. 1 Review

podcast378picIn this episode we review
*Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 2 is reviewed by JR
*Amazing Spider-Man 19.1 is reviewed by Mike


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(6) Comments

  1. George Berryman

    @ 5 - <i>"When I brought up a lot of the same points you guys mention on here, during my recent spat with Slott on CBR, he called them “talking points” among my “internet anger buddies”.</i> Just another day ending in 'Y.' :cool:

  2. Cheesedique

    Great podcast. There is the feeling that this is the book and characterization we should be getting (RYV). When I brought up a lot of the same points you guys mention on here, during my recent spat with Slott on CBR, he called them "talking points" among my "internet anger buddies". I don't think he can deny that there is a vocal segment of fandom pointing these flaws out, though he may not care.

  3. Jack

    I dread the prospect that MJ is going to end up dead at the hands of the Regent, and Annie infected with the symbiote. All to "prove" to us that Spider-Man can never be safely married or have a family. In this fictional world where the writers have unlimited power to make anything be whatever they like it to be.

  4. xonathan

    The best writers are not the greedy ones that write two/three books a month. They are the ones that write one book a month. You can tell this story is carefully planned, whereas Slot's monthly stuff is more like events and connecting the dots between them forgetting about characterization or human dialogue.

  5. AHunter

    Unsurprisingly I find myself with little to add, except that I agree to everything said in the podcast and yes, will the real Dan Slott please stand up, because it certainly is the one writing the main ASM book. I think the real one is definitely the one writing RYV. and with #2 I still found Mary Jane to be level headed, while Peter not so much considering the danger his family was in, she was courageous, knew what to do and prepared and funny. and Annie, she was just adorable, especially when says “Banana Pancakes fix everything” and “Wheatcakes are yucky". As for Peter, he was competent, to the point and less bantery and we saw how clever/hoe much a genius he is. As you said this is the Peter and Mary Jane, we've been looking for, for the past 8 years.

  6. ryan3178

    I'm with everyone on this, this was the type of Spider-Man and cast I was expecting when Slott took over as the main writer. I loved his She-hulk, Thing and his Mighty Avengers stint was a pleasant surprise. Then we got the: can't do anything on his own, whining, sex-crazed, man-child who can't be the star of his own book. We also know once this is all over, we will get Peter Parker is Tony Stark because: "You demanded it!" I think what's really bad is also how Slott went with a generic villain with the Regent, who is a recycled version of The Unspoken, which he introduced during Mighty Avengers and has been used by Soule on Inhumans for a while now. The difference is, The Unspoken had a clear motivation, he had a story and his powers were pretty neat. However, with the Regent he is going: "I'm doing this for the greater good but I won't say why." "I'm such a badass because I killed all the Avengers and even Dr. Doom and Dr. Strange aren't bothering me." "Fear me!" Right there is the lazy, fanfic writing of Dan Slott we all know and the rest is what the fans have been "demanding" but Marvel feels we don't know better but I'm sure when this is all said and done, the sales and reviews will be in and Marvel will go: "The fans love it but that's not what they need, we know better what is great for Spider-Man. Now, what is this about Peter Parker being sent to an alient warworld?"

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