Podcast 379-July 1995 Spider-History with JR

Podcast379picJR takes us back to July 1995 for this month in Spider-History. We’re very much into the Clone Saga with this one. JR looks at the following issues. 
*Web of Spider-Man # 126
*Amazing Spider-Man #403
*Spider-Man # 60
*Spectacular Spider-Man #226


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(3) Comments

  1. Cheesedique

    Guess this keeps getting spam-filtered. You guys talk about Judas Traveler, and how the whole story with him didn't seem like a Spider-Man story (I agree--DeMatteis loves his god-like omniscient villains), or a story someone wrote for another character and used with Spider-Man. Of course, Kraven's Last Hunt itself started out as a pitched story by JMD for Wonder Man, then Batman. But good points regarding the replacement character stuff, then and now. I suppose the Marvel PTB would say that there is a much bigger audience for that now, and they're having a lot more success with it. I hope you guys do the Ben Reilly Spider-Man years soon, particularly the Dan Jurgens run. Best thing to come out of that era, in my opinion.

  2. Jam

    Great show guys. I started reading comics in 1996 as a four year old in Australia were I bought comics from a news agency. I had no clue of all the background going ons of the comic industry at the time. And still don't know a great deal. Over the years I've picked up a few bits of info and it really is an intreating subject and hearing the 3 of you talk about it makes for fascinating and entertaining listening. i love hearing about spider history in this period! Because it feels like the industry really just boomed and than disintegrated very fast.

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