Spidey Reboot Director Jon Watts Talks Spidey

Picture Source: IMDB

Picture Source: IMDB

Cop Car director Jon Watts, who has been tapped by Marvel & Sony to helm the new Spider-Man reboot, spoke recently to the Daily Beast about his role in Spider-Cinema.

“I still don’t quite believe it,” says Jon Watts, the 34-year-old director who was plucked from the indie world this summer and handed the reins to Sony and Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man re-reboot. “I’m still waiting for someone to tell me it was all a prank.”

It was Cop Car, Watts surmises, that got him the career-making Spider-Man gig after Marvel head Kevin Feige caught the film. “I’m really not sure what I did to get the job, but I’m happy that whatever I did worked,” he laughs.

His Spidey is set to take Peter Parker back to high school, yet again—only this time, as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Around the time Watts was sealing the biggest deal of his professional career, Sony and Marvel anointed Brit Tom Holland its new Spider-Man. After cameoing in Captain America: Civil War, Holland will star for Watts in a stand-alone already dated for July 28, 2017.

“The thing that everyone keeps saying is that it’s sort of like the John Hughes version of Spider-Man, which I think is a really cool take on it,” says Watts. “He’s in high school, and the questions that that raises I think we haven’t explored as much as we can. In the comics so much of it was about him juggling his high school life and trying to be a superhero. I think there’s a lot to do there.”

Meanwhile, Spider-Man still has to be scripted by John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein. “We’re just getting started,” says Watts, who once watched the Sam Raimi Spidey production lighting up the Brooklyn Bridge from his dorm room. “It remains to be seen how we’re going to do that, but Marvel is a very collaborative place and it’s Marvel and Sony, which is an interesting dynamic.”

Not really anything new by way of concrete info, but then since the writers are just starting that makes sense.

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  1. hornacek

    @10 - I'd prefer blonde or brunette over alien: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-pJholUsnofU/T-OpccEKr1I/AAAAAAAAAvc/tIwGen4VJwE/s1600/revelation.JPG

  2. Constantine

    #10 I liked her better blonde but I guess they could go the wig route if they wanted and do both.

  3. Mike

    #7 JJJ will probably be reimagined as a high school student who's the editor of the Midtown high newspaper and George Stacy will be reimagined as a high school student who is an all-knowing, wise Midtown high milk monitor. Seriously, I am concerned that Watts is so open about the fact that this vision of the film is coming from everyone but him. Shouldn't the director be the one to tell us what he/she plans to do with a film rather than reacting to what others are saying the film will be?

  4. hornacek

    It would make sense to use a different love interest - Betty or Liz - so there wouldn't be the comparisons to MJ and Gwen from the previous movies. Bring on Cissy Ironwood! Or April May! With how they're pushing the high school angle in all their press releases, if they do choose Betty you know they'll probably have her be in school with Peter and only working part-time at the Bugle. At this point I would expect every supporting character in this movie to be in high school with Peter.

  5. Jeff Gutman

    With a love triangle with Ned Leeds? it could be great. Who needs Gwen and MJ? They had their films! It's Betty's time!

  6. Jeff Gutman

    I think his love interest should be Betty. That could be interesting actually as its never been used in any film yet.

  7. hornacek

    Marvel is *obsessed* with a high-school Peter Parker. But 30 issues - that's 2.5 years of comics. He was in university from #31 to #185 (?) - that's over 12 years! And that's not even counting post-graduate studies. That's the real long-term era of classic Spidey. If Marvel is serious about doing old-school high school stories, then the high school cast will be Peter, Flash and Liz, and that's it. Of course they'll add in Harry and Gwen and MJ because they think that they all went to high school together, just like some Marvel writers think that the symbiote made Peter act evil when he wore it as a costume.

  8. Ryan3178

    I agree. Peter only was in high school for a little over 2 years. Something most editors feel was never used long enough. Growing up I knew the Collage Age Peter and married peter but I'm to old for that.

  9. hornacek

    "In the comics so much of it was about him juggling his high school life and trying to be a superhero ..." Yeah, 30 whole issues. Unlike the 100+ issues of him in university. Sigh.

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