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From SpikeSDM's DeviantArt Gallery

From SpikeSDM’s DeviantArt Gallery

Our very own Ashley brought this to our attention tonight, via, which was citing Latino Review.

Latino Review is reporting that Spider-Man’s costume will be red and black, not red and blue. This has been making its way around the clickbait rumor mill for a couple of weeks now. They posted a Spider-Man concept taken from the account of one ‘SpikeSDM’ as a possibility of what the costume might look like.

If that wasn’t enough of a red flag for you, the article also claims to show a cast list that the reporter found on Twitter, who got it from someone on Reddit.

No, seriously.

The cast list runs down a lot of Spider-Reboot characters and cast, including such luminaries as Hugh Laurie as Jonah and Forest Whitaker as Robbie Robertson. Oh, and Billy Zane (or as my friends and I call him “Billy F–king Zane” or “Diamond-Eyes” Johnson) as the Vulture and Jason Biggs (the Apple Pie Guy from the American Pie movies) as the Scorpion. The ‘cast list’ also shows Harry, Mary Jane, Liz, Flash, Betty and Ned Leeds.

Don’t even take this with a grain of salt. I’m only posting it because hey, slow Spider-News week.

Sources: Ashley,, Latino Review, Some Guy On Twitter, Some Dude on Reddit, and a account.

George Berryman!

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(6) Comments

  1. Spider-Matt

    I actually looked into some of the cast and while it's all probably fake, the girl who is on the list to play MJ (Rachel G. Fox) would be interesting. I can't speak to her acting ability, but if she dyed her hair she could definitely look the part. The others, I can't really see though. I seriously would love to see JK Simmons as JJJ again though.

  2. Phantom Roxas

    @Rama: Looking at the DeviantArt page, the artist's intent was to present Peter's first attempt at a costume. Latino Review was apparently just that desperate for hits that they had to look around for any art that was "close enough" to fit the rumors they heard.

  3. Anonymous Jones

    Isn't it a rule that fingerless gloves are a bad choice for costumed vigilantes. Leaving your fingerprints around a crime scene generally isn't too smart if you're trying to keep a secret identity.

  4. Rama

    If that is his first homemade costume and then later when he meets up with like Cap an Iron Man they get him a new cool costume, then I'm ok with it. If that is costume through the whole movie...the,no,no,no. Kill it with fire. But a a 15 year old kids first attempt at a costume, then it is fine. And Red and Black? Must have looked back at Erik Larsen's run.

  5. krankyboy

    That DeviantArt costume looks so hideously awful that I could almost seen Kevin Feige pushing for it.

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