Podcast #381-Message Board Q &A Spider-Gwen Sales, Solo MJ Title, Deadpool Team Up

Podcast381picIn this episode we read your iTunes reviews and answer your dozens of message board questions. Highlights include:
*How much longer can Spider-Gwen sales outsell Amazing Spider-Man? 
*Would you read a Mary Jane ongoing? 
*Is teaming Spider-Man up with Deadpool a good thing? Can it be an ongoing? 
*Best villain for Marvel Spider-Man villain? 
*Spider-Retcon we enjoyed. 


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  1. Sean

    I do not understand why people make a big deal about Miles being a black/latino spider-man. Miguel O'hara came years before Miles and he is White and Latino (his mother is Mexican). Furthermore Miguel has had an ongoing comic in the 616 universe alongside Peter. Miles is doing the same thing. So what is the big deal?

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