Wanted: Amazing Spider-Man Reviewers And Spider-Historian

10341944_10152603950010659_1406757329613928320_nI’ve got a couple openings here on the Crawlspace and I’m looking for some people to add more content to the front page.
As many of you have already read, Mike aka Stillanerd has taken another position and won’t be able to review the Amazing Spider-Man title on the front page. Also Ryan has dropped comics all together and won’t be able to do his youtube reviews of ASM anymore.
I’m also looking for a Spider-Historian to write weekly Spidey articles. This one is in the same vein as stuff Bertone did with his Gwen articles and what JR used to do on his website. I’m open to ideas on how we can make a fun Spidey weekly front page article with images etc. So here’s the positions I have open. 

*Written Amazing Spider-Man review. Must have the reviews up the day of the book comes out. 
*Video reviews on youtube. The more creative the better. 
*Spider-Historian that writes a once-a-week article tackling something in Spidey’s life. It’d be fun to tie it into something happening in the current books. For instance with Renew Your Vows an article on the marriage  or the history of Baby May would be good. 

If you’d like to join the site, please send me a sample review on e-mail.  Please get those samples in ASAP. These jobs tend to fill up very quickly. 

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  1. Ronny

    @BD & everyone? Is this already done? If not may I suggest we do a friendly contest. Simply let multiple people try & we vote? That way if there are people who want to but don't know if they'll be good at it but want to be can have a crack at it & see how people like it??? Just a thought?

  2. Big Al

    @#4/#5: Thank you very much for the kind words, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do the position even if hypothetically I were to get it (which would be a miracle unto itself). However for what it is worth Cheesedique and hornacek would be two guys I think could be great in any of the positions advertised...And then I shall snarkily shake my fist at them in the comment section screaming "How could you like this?" or "You forgot about this one sentence in this one thought bubble of this one non-canon PSA one shot from the 70s! You're a monster!"

  3. BD - Post author

    JR isn't going anywhere for Spider-History on the podcast. I'm talking about a written Spider-History on the front page.

  4. Cheesedique

    Yeah, Spider-History with JR is my favorite part of the podcasts. Hilarious! I've been going back and listening to them all for the first time.

  5. MadGoblin

    Thank you for the vote of confidence.... But sadly, JR would be unable to meet any kind of schedule or deadline. If I had the time or inclination to write anymore, SKB wouldn't be one bad mood away from having the lights turned out for good.

  6. Cheesedique

    I'm tempted to throw my name in the hat for ASM, but I don't know ever want to read any more Slott-written comics after Renew Your Vows wraps up.

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