New Spidey Director Jon Watts On Spidey & The Reboot

Picture Source: IMDB

Picture Source: IMDB

New Spider-Man reboot director Jon Watts spoke with about his own familiarity with Spider-Man and also gives a small update on starting work with the reboot’s writers, John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein.

On his own history reading comics and Spidey:

Watts told us his own history with the character that made him so excited to land the gig. “I had this learn-to-draw Spider-Man comic book. There were some panels that were blank panels for you to fill in the rest of the story and then some that were just pencils for you to ink and then there were some that were already inked for you to color to decide if you want to be the penciler or the inker or the colorist or the writer. I was obsessed with this book. I would bring it to school every day until I had slowly filled up and colored every panel and then after that, it was the Todd McFarlane era, his run which was so cool. That’s when I was really into comics, but now it’s just been really great to hang out in an office and read comics all day, catching up on everything that I’ve missed.”

On working with the film’s writers:

Watts has only just started working with writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (whose directorial debut Vacation was released this past weekend). Though Vacation is very different than Cop Car, they do both involve cars and driving, but other than that it’s hard to see how their sensibilities might come together on a Spider-Man movie. “We’re all learning about each other, but they’re very, very smart and extremely irreverent and I can’t wait to start,” Watts told us. “I should be working on it right now and not doing a bunch of Cop Car interviews probably.”

–George Berryman!

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