Costume Clickbait Rumor Update

ToeiSpideyAs is par the course for lean news periods, a flood of clickbait is making the rounds across the Interwebs regarding Spider-Man’s costume in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

What do we definitely, 100% know? We know that Marvel’s Kevin Feige has said that the suit would be “classic Spidey” while at the same time being a costume that hasn’t been used in the movies before. This is what led me to believe that the costume will be based off the Steve Ditko comics and that the costume will have webbed armpits.

You may remember the laughable Latino Review write-up about the Spidey costume using art taken posted three years ago, which also posted a “cast list” for a movie that hasn’t even been written. I bring that back up because 1.) it was laughable and 2.) it shows how desperate everyone is for Spider-Man movie news right now.

Last week claimed they could confirm that Spider-Man’s costume will look red and dark blue (blackish blue) with “webs” in the Civil War movie.

Today HeroicHollywood is claiming that there will be two Spidey costumes in Civil War. One will be the traditional red & dark blue/black and the other will be his first attempt at a costume. According to them, Spidey’s traditional costume “will be made by Tony Stark.”

Okay. Sure.

As usual, take all of this with an elephant-sized grain of salt. Why am I even posting this? Because the Spider-News is slow right know, Jack. Real slow.

George Berryman!

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  1. packersjames90

    Umberto Gonzalez is a jerk. He's gets butthurt and calls you a troll, hater, F***ing losers, and says it against the law to ask him questions about his sources. I'm not kidding he said it, and blocked every Power Rangers podcast, and website on twitter. Over me and fellow podcasters saying "Don't take his scoops as fact, cause it's not official yet, and he didn't list a source"

  2. Phantom Roxas

    Latino Review and Heroic Hollywood both rely on Umberto Gonzalez / El Mayimbe to find news, so Heroic Hollywood is going to be just as laughable as Latino Review by default. I think they're personally trying to steer the narrative of these reports towards the new Spider-Man movie being for the Iron Spider. If it's any consolation, I do think that D23 will give us some news. While the spotlight will mostly be on Civil War, it could be a good time for them to reveal the title of the new Spider-Man movie.

  3. Frontier

    I don't see Tony giving Peter the classic suit. He'd probably either make the Iron Spider suit or make some alterations to where it functions like that, rather than something that's traditionally Spidey or a spandex costume.

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