Garfield Recommends Holland As Spidey

garfieldhollandFormer Spider-Man Andrew Garfield has some nice things to say about the Spidey Tom Holland. Say what you will about the Amazing movies, Garfield is a class act. The video auto plays so watch it after clicking this link. 

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(2) Comments

  1. Captain Frugal

    I bet he is happy to get out of the Sony train-wreck. With all of the issues I think it was best for him to get out when he could. Don't get me wrong I hope Sony gets things right, or gives it back to Marvel.

  2. Ronny

    To bad I liked Garfield as Spider-man & think he would of nailed the part as Peter under Marvel's writing & direction. He already nailed the part as Spider-man in my opinion...Imagine the witty banter between him & RDJ Hope Holland does well. I think he kinda looks like he would of played a great Harry Osbourn off the spectacular spider-man cartoon tho or TAS

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