Three New Review Staff Added to the Crawlspace

DK-Spider-Man-2Thank you to everyone that sent in submissions for the Amazing Spider-Man review job and the Spider-Historian position. I got two Spider-Historian submissions that I really liked so I picked them both. They’ll be alternating each week to bring you a Spider-history article. We’re not going to call it Spider-History,that’s JR’s segment. We’re looking for suggestions. Feel free to post them in the comment section. Here’s who we picked.

*Justin Parris will be reviewing the bi-weekly Amazing Spider-Man title. 
*Thomas Mets will be our bi-weekly Spider-Historian writer
*Mark Alford will be our other bi-weekly Spider-Historian writer. 

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  1. Ruben Lozzi

    He wrote the book The World According to Spider-Man. He has written a new Spider-Man book that has some very fun items in it. Those include Peter Parker s report card, Aunt May s wheatcake recipe, a firing letter from J. Jonah Jameson among many others.

  2. PeterParkerfan

    Alright, looking foward to the new reviewer Justin's take on the upcoming ASM: Renew Your Vows issue.

  3. Mark Alford

    Since JR is obviously Amazing, we could be Spectacular Spider-History (or since there is two of us, one could be Spectacular Spider-History while the other is Web of Spider-History). Other idea is Tangled Webs. @#1 Weblines is nice also.

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